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The first drone of YI Technology : YI Erida

The first drone of YI Technology : YI Erida

There are two new products form YI Technology are showed at CES 2017, they are YI 4K+ Action Camera and the YI Erida. And I’m most interested in the YI Erida, it is said that the YI Erida is the first drone by YI Technology.

The first drone of YI Technology : YI Erida

The YI Erida is a 4K camera drone, and I wrote a 4K Camera drone named Wingsland S6 on, you can complete these two drones but today I won’t do it. The YI Erida claims to reach speeds of 120km/h with a flight time of up to 40 minutes, making it the longest flying time drone to be on the market. Its carbon fiber body makes it lightweight (1.3kg) and retractable propellers makes it portable. Let’s look at the specs of YI Erida.

The first drone of YI Technology : YI Erida


Weight:1600g (including main body, Battery, Propellors, Gimbal & YI 4K action camera)

H × L × W: 96cm × 96cm × 12cm

Max Speed: 28.88m/s

Max Service above sea level: 6000m

Max Flight time: 40min

Operating temperature range: 6.8℉-104℉


Controllable Range : Pitch: -90 to 30


YI 4K Specs

Remote Controller

Operation frequency: 2.4GHz to 2.483GHz

Max Transmission Distance: 3.5km


Capacity: 6700mAh

Maz Voltage: 17.4V

Rated Voltage: 15.2V

Battery Type: LiPo 4S

Energy: 99Wh

Net Weight: 550g

Operating Temperature: 14℉-104℉

Max Charging Power: 100w

Flight Mode

Course Lock: support

Home Lock: support

Point of Interest: support

Follow Me: support

Magic stick: support

Drift: support

RTL Hold: support

The first drone of YI Technology : YI Erida

According the specs of the YI Erida, we can know the YI Erida weight is only 1.6Kg with Battery, Propellors, Gimbal and camera, and its battery is 6700mAh 4S Lipo battery. I think the light weight with high capacity lipo battery may make its 40mins flight time, but I’m not sure if it really can fly 40mins?

Price is yet to be announced but I imagine it won’t be unreasonable, YI Technology often like to be better than the competition, but cheaper, hence the success with their 4K Action Camera.

The YI Erida has been advertised with the YI 4K action camera attached, but with the YI 4K+ being compatible with the drone they’re likely to come as a pair, with which you’re able to shoot 4k images at 60fps, a world’s first in its category.

I’m looking forward to the YI Erida, but I’m not sure when does it release, I want to try this 40mins flight time 4K camera drone.

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