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Which FPV battery is best to fuel your FPV Drone adventure

FPV drone and airplane flying has become one of the most popular and addicting hobbies in the last decade. It is basically just like flying an RC drone or airplane, but with a camera attached on the plane in order to give you a lifelike cockpit-style view from the perspective of the aircraft. This is what we call a “first person view”, or FPV. Just about any RC aircraft can be modded for FPV flight, and there are several aftermarket kits and individual components that you can buy to upgrade your RC aircraft and enjoy a truly mesmerizing FPV experience. These kits usually include the camera, a radio transmitter, a battery, a remote, and a first person viewing goggles that displays the live feed from the camera straight in front of your eyes. These days, people are experimenting with VR headsets that can track the motion of your head in order to turn the camera attached to the plane. This way, you can look exactly where you want and can get a virtual pilot experience that is incredibly realistic.

While people usually focus a lot on the camera quality and the antenna range in FPV kits, they often make the mistake of overlooking the battery- one of THE most important components of any RC aircraft. You must get a good battery if you wish to make the most out of your aircraft motor, since the battery directly influences the performance as well as flight range of your FPV aircraft. A good battery is supposed to be lightweight and must provide a consistent amount of high discharge to the aircraft motor, as well as auxiliary motors such as the aileron and rudder motors. On top of that, a good FPV battery must be vibration, shock, and fire proof in order to ensure maximum reliability.

So, which is the best battery for FPV aircraft? While many battery manufacturers provide features such as light weight, high discharge, and other gimmicks, none of them are as consistent or durable as the Tattu 1300mAh 75C 4S1P lithium-polymer battery. This is a 1300mAh capacity battery with a voltage rating of 14.8V, meaning that it provides more than sufficient discharge to power some of the most popular FPV aircrafts in the market such as the Nemesis 240 mini, Skylark M4-FPV250, Mini Shredder 200, and the HOVERSHIP MHQ2. It can be used in fixed-wing aircraft, quad-copters, helicopters, and even balloons due to its light weight, and resistance to shock, vibration, and fire. The Tattu 1300mAh battery has a discharge rate of 75C, along with a maximum burst discharge rate of 150C. It weighs a mere 155g, and is extremely compact with dimensions of 72mm x 36mm x 29.4mm for length, width, and height respectively. The battery comes with really thick AWG12# wire which is a full 100mm long, allowing for easy wire connection and routing.

The Tattu 1300mAh battery is the best choice for light to medium FPV aircraft. It is light, durable, efficient, and provides 75C of consistent discharge at 14.8V, and boasts a 1300mAh capacity. It is shock, fire, and vibration resistant meaning that you can conveniently mount this battery in any aircraft, without having to worry about mid-flight malfunctions. Quad-copters, airplanes, helicopters, every FPV platform can be powered by this beast of a battery. Don’t hesitate and grab one of these right now, since they are the most reasonably priced high performance fpv batteries in the market right now. These are great for casual FPV pilots, as well as enthusiasts, and hardcore FPV racers.

Core Specifications:

Discharge(consistent)- 75C
Capacity- 1300mAh
Voltage- 14.8V
Weight- 155g
Dimensions- 72mm x 36mm x 29.4mm

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