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What is the best FPV lipo battery brand?

2200mah 3s lipo battery

What do you think of the most important part for a FPV drone? What do you most care of a FPV drone? I don’t know what’s your most care about, but I just share something I care. I want to my FPV can flight longer and faster, but how to get it? As we know, the motors determines the FPV drone speed; battery determines the FPV drone flight time and speed. If you have good motors and light weight, high discharge and high capacity, your FPV drone will flight longer and faster. So a good lipo battery is very important for a FPV, but how to choose the best lipo battery for your FPV?

So here are a few brands that stand out in terms of quality and performance its silly to safe a few pounds only for your entire drone to crash due to a failed battery . Some cheaper batteries that may be the same on paper in terms of specifications dont always last as long and the performance starts to drop after several charge/discharge cycles, whereas other top brand batteries take much longer to start showing signs of aging. Also some cheaper batteries experience large voltage drops as the capacity gets low which further reduce flight times. But then again you can argue that a cheaper battery might not last as long, but you can replace it more often since its cheaper. Either way here are a few of our suggested battery brands based on experience.

Gens Ace and TATTU batteries

Gens Ace batteries are one of the top LiPo battery manufacturers around in terms of performance and quality in general. However if you are are after some professional level batteries I can highly recommend the Gens Ace TATTU series of Lipos. All TATTU batteries have passed the UN battery test which is the highest quality standard test for lithium polymer batteries, something that most other manufacturers don’t test. These batteries are a bit more expensive that other brands, but they are worth paying a bit more for, especially if you are carrying expensive equipment on your drone. But now you needn’t worried about the expensive price, the Christmas Day is coming, there are many Christmas lipo battery discounts on Gens Ace Tattu official online shop, at that time, you can take part in their discount activity and buy some very cheap price lipo battery for your FPV drone.

2200mah 3s lipo battery


Turnigy (hobbyking) are very popular because they offer great performance for very low prices. I have used many of these batteries and although they do work very we however these batteries are great value for money for hobby drone builds. However these batteries dont seem to hold out as well as gens-ace in terms of charging/discharging cycle life.Do you have any battery brands that you like to use? Let me know so I can add it to the list.


Lumenier was announced in June of 2013. The Company consolidates all of the high-end FPV products produced by FPV Manuals LLC including the QAV400, QAV500, and QAV540G fpv airframes. Out of the passion for FPV the first fpv manuals products were designed and brought to market. Lumenier is a FPV producer, most pilots buy the FPV drone from here, and they also sale FPV lipo batteries, FPV is their main products, so Gens Ace Tattu is better than Lumenier.


The primary goal at DinogyLipos is to provide the serious racer and performance minded hobbyist access to batteries that will not only win races, but provide long term satisfaction at prices that are genuinely affordable. In addition to the winning performance, Dinogy offers a six month warranty from date of purchase against puffing and manufacturing defects. Dinogy mainly sale racer lipos, so their main customers are racer pilots, their lipo batteries are very expensive, not fit in our daily games, if you are a Amateur, it is not your choose.

I just know these 4 lipo brands, but FPV lipo batteries are not only these. Do you have any battery brands that you like to use? You can leave a comment here and share your experiences, show it ot more FPV lovers.

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