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Useful Tips For New Drone Pilots

Tip for New Beginner RC Drone Pilots

Some day, I visited RCGroups and found there is a thread about “Share Your Best Tips with New Drone Pilots”, I found there are some very useful drone tips. This time of year I start seeing an influx of newcomers to the hobby visiting my blog, wanting to soak up as much information as they can before starting their journey. As a RC Blog, the knowledge we all have is an outstanding resource that should be shared, so I collect these following tips for new drone pilots and hope they can get help from here.

Notice: These tips is shared by a member of RCGroups named Unseen.

Tip #1: Learn what the difference is between a drone and a multirotor craft. It matters.

Tip #2: Read the friendly manual.

Tip #3: Make sure you have plenty of spare batteries. It gets really boring if you only have one and can only fly for five minutes and then have to wait 45 minutes to recharge your one battery, so you need to prepare more batteries for your drone.

Tip #4: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! While you might be tempted to flash the latest and greatest firmware on everything, it is often not needed.

Tip #5: Use your common sense and don’t fly your craft near people, animals, cars or property.

Tip #6: If you have never flown before, a small toy is a much better choice to learn with than a huge, high powered racer. The small toy won’t break into lots of tiny parts the first time you crash either.

Tip #7: You will crash, repeatedly. Make sure you have plenty of propellers!

Tip #8: Learning to fly is hard, especially if you’re not as young as you used to be. If it’s getting frustrating, stop and try again tomorrow. You’ll work it out in the end and often, progress is sudden and unexpected.

Tip #9: Don’t fly over concrete or hard surfaces. Your new toy will last much longer if you crash on grass instead of the pavement.

Tip #10: A modern quadcopter with 5″ propellers is capable of inflicting serious injury. Do not try to fly one indoors. If you have to connect the flight battery indoors, take the propellers off. Taking the props off is NOT an optional step.

Tip #11: Test your fail safe settings. If you turn off your radio, the propellers should stop spinning within a couple of seconds. Nobody enjoys seeing their new toy fly off into the sunset.

If you have any good tips about RC drones, you can leave a comment or write for us, share them for me and I will post it on my blog .

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