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Tips about FPV and Mini Quad Racing

Tips about FPV and Mini Quad Racing

Either FPV drones or mini quads, they are all most popular in racing, when the weekends or holidays, you and your partners can get together and have a FPV racing. About FPV racing, there are some tips you must to know begin a FPV race

Race Types and Places

Race place can take place anywhere: like warehouse, parking lot, in the forest, or simply on an open field with obstacles. Just like any other types of racing, the goal is to go through the course without crashing.

And about FPV race types, there are three main types of drone racing.

Circuit Racing

Two or more multicopters fly through a course at the same time. Pilots are ranked in the order they cross the finish line. If you crash then you are out; if you miss a gate you’ll need to go back and pass it. Normally the number of racers is limited by the video interference, 8 racers are normally the most we can handle in a single run.

Time Trial

A test of a multicopter’s speed through a course, in which the finishing time is recorded. Good thing about this type of race is that, pilot does not get affected by video signal interference as there is only 1 quad flying at a time.

Free Style

Lastly there is the free style competition. It’s a bit like dancing, where the contestant has to perform all sorts of crazy acrobatic moves to impress the judges.

Setting up a Track / FPV Racing Course

FPV racing need a racing course, after we choose racing place and race types, the next step is setting up a Track and racing course.

FPV racing course

When setting up a circuit, remember there is no set course or limit! apart from the usual air gates and flags, incorporate other objects around you into your racing tracks too, such as trees and bushes, it will make your flights a lot more dynamic and feels more 3D.

FPV Racing Course

Air gates can be expensive, but you can always DIY and make your own from camping posts, pool noodles, cardboard, hula hoops, or whatever you have on hand.

I reviewed the FPVModel Race gate, they are pretty good for casual practice.

Here is a video of me racing with friends (not really racing, more like following)

Here is a time trial race I went to (race footage starts after 2:30).

Here is some footage of me flying through a circuit.

Safety Rules

During the FPV racing, the Safety is the most important things, as we know, these racing mini quads are flying very fast! They can cause some nasty injuries to people and animals. We hate seeing people ignoring safety rules, because it’s not only affecting yourself and the victim, but also the reputation of this hobby.

  1. Check your local rules and regulations about FPV, RC and Model Flying
  2. Choose your flying location sensibly, do not fly at places with too many people walking by
  3. Never fly too close to or above people or animals
  4. Disconnect battery immediately after picking up the quad
  5. Do not try to catch a multicopter in mid-air
  6. Never use LiPo with damaged cell. Dispose of it safely and properly

These rules are necessary to know, because safety is the first.

Tips about Mini Quad Racing

Winning a race, is not all about speed. The key is to stay in the air! Sometimes it’s better to go slow and steady, rather than going too fast and getting out of control. I have seen so many times, the fastest pilots get defeated by the slower ones, because they crashed during the race although they have the best lap times. But in another way, choosing right equipment is also very important, a high discharge rate, capacity with light weight lipo battery is good for your racing.

Also make sure you bring a lot of spare propellers, crashes are inevitable. When you are practicing, just be prepared to crash, props and parts can get damaged and it’s completely normal. You will start pushing your limits and improve your skills quicker once you stop worrying!

The last, if you have a good quad and rich experiences, you will easy to win a FPV racing. There are many guide to help you know more about FPV drones on this website. And my goal is support more guide to FPV beginners.

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