Saturday, March 24, 2018
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This UAV can fly by radio Without battery



Now drones have get more and more popular, battery manufacturers are trying to make a larger capacity battery to improve the drones fly time; but there is a problem, when you make a larger capacity battery also means improved the battery weight, so the drones’ fly time still can’t be significantly improved.

Dr Samer Aldhaher,Imperial College London,he used radio to powered  drones , so drone does not need to be equipped with batteries. He made a quad copter isn’t equipped with any batteries,all of its  power come from a base radio transmission .


Base radio transmission is a two-layer printed circuit board (PCB), radio transmitters are etched on to the circuit board, circuit board of the current is supplied by the inverter of 13.56 MHz. Drone is wrapped around a conductive copper foil adhesive tape,it is used to receive radio waves.

At present, the UAV can fly away from the radio transmitter base 13.5 cm high place. It can’t fly too far, because it lack of an on board battery. If the drone is far away from the radio transmission base, it will lose power and automatically turn off. Although use the  radio technology to power drones have a long way to go, but it is also a good method of UAV powered, of course, to realize this plan, there are many works to do on the infrastructures. Now if you want to make your own UAV flying longer , we still need to find a large capacity, lightweight batteries, like Tattu UAV battery,especial the Tattu 3s lipo battery, compared to other batteries, Tattu is a very good choice.

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