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The Lipo Battery Explained

3s lipo battery

When you bought a lipo battery, you must see some Parameters on the battery, for example ,you bought a Tattu 3s lipo battery, you can see “3s 1300mAh 11.1V 25C 3S1P Lipo Battery”, do know what’s the meaning of this parameters ? When you read this article, you will know about it .

1) Voltage

Voltage of a battery is decided by how many cells are in a single battery.

There can be anywhere from 1S all the way to 7S.

For Lipo batteries a single cell in a battery is considered 3.7 Volts.

This means that a 2 cell (2S most commonly labeled on a battery) is 7.4 Volts and a

3S (3 cell battery) is 11.1 Volts.

The higher the voltage the more Power you get.

3s lipo battery
3s lipo battery

2) MAH (Milli-Amp Hour)

This is the capacity of the battery, almost in comparision to the fuel tank in a car.

It determines the amount of run time you will receive from a battery.

1300 MAH battery will give you more run time than a 1000 MAH battery.

This being said the 1300 MAH battery will be quite a bit heavier than the

1000 MAH. If you purchase to large of a battery you may have trouble fitting the

battery into the vehicle itself as the physical size of the battery may be too large.

3) C ratings

Here we have two different rating a charge rating (usually between 1C and 5C)

and discharge ratings (25C – 70C).

To explain further:

1C is basically 1*(MAH/1000).

So if we have a 1300 MAH battery, 1300/1000 = 5, then 1*1.3 = 1.3 Amps.

This means that 1C is 1.3 amps.

Charging – Charging is always safe to charge any battery at 1C.

So for a 1.3 MAH battery charge at 1.3 amps, or for a 2700 MAH battery charge

at 2.7 amps. Any charge rate greater than this could potentially wreck a battery so be cautious.

here is a table for charge rates:

C rating MAH Charge Rate

1 50000 5 Amps

2 50000 10 Amps

3 50000 15 Amps

4 50000 20 Amps

5 50000 25 Amps

The higher the charge rate the quicker the charge, so at 1C a battery will take 1 hour,

at 2C the battery will take 30 mins,

at 3 C the batetry will take 20 minutes to charge so on and so forth.

So if charging 2 5000 MAH batteries and the Tattu charger at 4 amps will approximately take

1 hour and 15 minutes to charge both batteries.

If only charging 1 5000 MAH battery at 8 Amps then it would take approximately 40 mins to charge.

Discharge Rate – this is how much umpf a battery can supply,

theoritically a 65C 5000MAH battery can discharge 325 amps safely when fully charged,

and a 25C 5000MAH battery can discharge no more than 125 amps safely however

that is not why this number matters.

OK, after read this article, do you know more about your lipo battery?

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