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The FPV players introduce the Life of High rate batteries


FPV is equip with 4 series lithium-ion battery packs, the nominal voltage is 14.8V, most of these drones battery are using 1300mAh 14.8v lipo batteries, lipo battery discharge rate is 75C, using professional 5A battery charger for lipo batteries, About 20 minutes to recharge the battery fully charged; However , the battery dischargetime might be the most interesting, you can take a look at the following shot of battery packs .


Through machine is one of the quad copters,many UAV lovers called this quad copter name is FPV, On the UAV racing competition, race players use these following professional equipment for game.


FPV players’ professional competitions place at the 7th Venue , Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center; crossing the rugged barrier, the crossing speed is an important indicator of performance for the players Game scores.


The following photo is players use the remote control to play FPV, players Team-mates are cheer for them, and used the smart phones to shooting videos and photos.


The screen below shows the FPV image recorded during the flying game.


The following figure is a FPV player choose a better FPV , a good FPV will give player more help in the game.


The FPV lovers  are debugging the screen display image perspective.


These are foreign players, they are preparing to the game.


The following figure is the players are changing FPV batteries, a good battery will help players get more help, so many FPV players like use the Tattu Race Professional batteries.


According to FPV players Chen Songwen introduced: because the FPV speed is too high (above 100 km/h), batteries are also overuse, we will frequently charging the battery , batteries are in a high rate discharge period in the game, battery can only use about 3mins and then we must change a new battery; when we are training in the field, it can use about 5mins, and a battery usually can Charging and discharging about 200 times.

Many players hope the battery’s discharge time can last longer, it is best to discharge more than 4 hours, so when we training on the out side, we needn’t take chargers, rechargeable portable power, lipo battery packs…So we hope FPV players can use this batteries earlier.

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