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The best five FPV drones and Lipo batteries

best FPV drones

There are more and more quadcopters on RC hobby, and quadcopters have many different categories, like camera drone, Mini FPV quadcopter, large quadcopter…And the mini FPV quadcopters are the most popular for people. Why? Because the mini FPVs are easy to control, carry and they cost the cheapest, and there are many FPV races appeal to pilots. If you are a beginner or a old pilots, how do you choose your FPV drone? I think old pilots have their own FPV drones, but for the beginners, how do you choose your FPV drone? and how to choose Lipo battery for your FPV drone?

There are Five mini FPV drones and you can have a try.

How to choose Lipo battery for your FPV drone?

Arris FPV250 BNF

Arris FPV250 BNF

The ARRIS FPV250 is a lightweight sport quadcopter frame specially designed for FPV. It is designed to integrate all the electronic components in one frame, such as camera, FPV transmission system, battery, ESC, 5.8G wireless transmitter, antennal, GPS, etc. ARRIS FPV250’s  weight is about 395g without battery, if you equip with a 2200mAh 3S lipo, its weight will get 550g, and it can fly about 10mins; ARRIS FPV250 suggest battery is 3S 1300mAh-2200mAh. This drone is very small while amazing in speed, we also call it sport racing drone.


  • Carbon/glass fiber composited sheet, very light weight and extremely durable.
  • The 700TVL camera makes zero delay and perfect quality video.
  • 250 class quad, perfect to fly in tight space.
  • It has assembled all the parts and tested it before shipped out. You only need to have you own radio set and battery, then it could work.

Blade Mach 25 FPV

Blade Mach 25 FPV

The Blade Mach 25 is certainly different from the mainstream. Its most obvious unique feature is the painted poly carbonate shell with Speed Racer-inspired styling. The body is held in place with rubber grommets that fit over posts attached to the frame. It’s a simple yet secure system.

Blade Mach 25 FPV drone Fully assembled, no building necessary, you can buy one back and then fly it, it is very easy, if you don’t know how to build a FPV drone, this one is very fit you.


  • integrated FPV camera and ,
  • 5.8GHz video transmitter (VTX),
  • Multiple Safe enabled flight modes,
  • Spektrum™ A3174 Flight Controller,
  • Vibration-damping, carbon-fiber camera mount,
  • Powerful 2300Kv brushless outrunner motors,
  • Compact Castle Creations 4-in-1 ESC,
  • Robust 2mm carbon-fiber frames with tough aluminum frame supports,
  • Canted motor mounts for faster acceleration and higher flight speeds,
  • Flight battery: 1300mAh 3S Li-Po.

Walkera F210

Walkera F210

Walkera F210 is designed for racing, with the fast speed and passion, F210 3D Edition gives you incomparable flight enjoyment. The Walkera F210 main rotor dia is 128mm, length is 182mm, width is 182mm and height is 103mm, it looks very small, its weight is only 370g without battery; Walkera F210 equiped with KV2500 brushless motors and 1300mAh 4S lipo, it can fly about 8-9mins(2D flight time is 8-9mins, 3D flight time is about 5mins).


  • Remote Controller: DEVO 7 / DEVO F7
  • Receiver: DEVO-RX713
  • Transmitter: TX5825(FCC)/TX5824(CE)
  • OSD: F210 OSD
  • Brushless Motor: WK-WS-28-014A(CW/CCW)KV2500
  • Brushless ESC: F210 3D(CW/CCW)
  • Battery: 1300mAh 4S Lipo
  • Working environment: -10℃ ~ +40℃
  • Camera: 700TVL

Skylark M4-FPV250

Skylark M4-FPV250 Materials

Skylark M4-FPV250 is a Mini Racing Sport Quadcopter, it is also used to racing. You can DIY a Skylark M4-FPV250, and the following Materials are suitable for you; but if you want to use this quadcopter to racing, you must choose a high discharge, hingh capacity and light weight lipo battery, I recommend you can use Gens ace 1300mAh 3s 25c lipo battery, this battery’s weight only 115g, and with 25c discharge and 1300mAh high capacity, it is a good choice for a racing Skylark M4-FPV250.


  • Weight: 395g (without battery)
  • Total Weight: 554g
  • Flying Time: about 10min
  • Suggest Battery: 3S 1300mAh

Eachine Racer 250 FPV Quadcopter

Eachine Racer 250

Eachine Racer 250 is very good racing FPV quadcopter, it is very small and light weight. Its weight is 400g without battery, and the size is 1220 x 233 x 50. Eachine Racer 250 is back again with a 250 FPV drone that is so complete… It’s ready to fly out of the box in just minutes. Fully assembled (unless of course you got the DIY version) using hobby grade parts its no wonder why  the racer 250 is the fpv drone on the market right now for everyone from beginner fliers to experienced pilots as eachine thinks of everything, always 1-up on the other guys with something extra like the cool red anodized front plate for the adjustable FPV camera, bright switchable led headlights and sick led back light bar.


  • Brand: Eachine
  • Model: Racer 250
  • Size: 1220 x 233 x 50
  • Weight:  400 grams
  • Flight Controller: CC3D, F3 6DOF, Naze32
  • Battery: 1300mAh 4S
  • Motor: Brushless 2204 2300kV
  • ESC: 12A SimonK
  • FPV Camera: 1000TVL w/ low light
  • VTX: 600mw 5.8G 32 CH w/ OSD
  • Battery: 3s 11.1v 1500mAh 25c Lip (4S Ready)
  • Prop size: 5040
  • Flight Time: 10-14m

Those are Five popular FPV drone, and the price are not very expensive, if you like them you can go to buy and have a try. After introduce these FPV drone, next I will talk about the most important equipment for FPV drone, it is Lipo battery! Most FPV drone only can fly 6-10mins, these time is very short, but there are noways to improve the flight time of FPV drone, but we can choose a high quality Lipo battery to have a good flying, especial FPV racing drones, a high discharge rate is very important to them.

How to choose Lipo battery for your FPV?

best drone lipo battery

There are Five brand 1300mAh 4S Lipo batteries for FPV drones, you can know or buy them for your FPV Lipo battery. You can also read How to choose lipo battery for your drone!

Tattu 1300mAh 4S 75C lipo battery

1300mAh 4S 75C lipo battery

Tattu 1300mAh 4S1P 75C lipo battery provides high quality, reliable power, suitable for Nemesis 240 Mini, Skylark M4-FPV250, Mini Shredder 200, INDY 250 PLUS, HOVER SHIP MHQ2(270): ZMR 250, Emax Nighthawk 250, Mini H, QAV 250, QAV 180/210, Danaus, Vortex 285, Mini H, FLIP FPV FRAME, MOJO 280, drone and FPV etc. This is a high discharge rate Lipo battery, it is best for racing FPV drone. And Tattu Lipo Battery is a Professional race battery, many pilots like using Tattu battery for their FPVs.


  • Minimum Capacity: 1300mAh
  • Configuration: 4S1P / 14.8V / 4 Cells
  • Discharge Rate: 75C
  • Max Burst discharge Rate: 150C
  • Net Weight(±20g): 155g
  • Dimensions: 74mm Length x 35.5mm Width x 29mm Height
  • Charge Plug: JST-XHR
  • Discharge Plug: XT-60

Lumenier 1300mAh 4s 60c Lipo Battery (XT60)

Lumenier 1300mAh 4s 60c Lipo Battery

This 1300mAh 4s battery is perfect to power small crafts that require a compact battery, but need high amperage that the XT60 connector can provide. The dimensions are sized to easily fit in all of Lumenier’s air-frames including the QAV250. This is our recommended battery for any 250 sized mini quad running on 4s.


  • Length: 70 mm
  • Width: 34 mm
  • Height: 32 mm
  • Weight: 153g
  • C-Rating: 60c – Burst 120c
  • Connector: XT60

Glacier 30C 1300mAh 4S 14.8V LiPo Battery

Glacier 30C 1300mAh 4S 14.8V LiPo Battery

Glacier LiPo batteries are made by a specialized factory that also manufactures packs for well-known premium brands. Glacier batteries are great for sport and 3D pilots, as well as competition drivers.


  • Discharge Rating (C) 30C
  • Capacity (mAh) 1300mAh
  • Number of Cell(s) 4
  • Dimensions 71 x 30 x 35 mm
  • Recommended Charge Rate 2.6A (2C)
  • Fast Charge Rate 6.5A (5C)
  • Balance Connector XH (also called JST-XH, Align type, the most popular type in the market)
  • Power Connector T Plug (Deans Ultra compatible)
  • Net Weight 150g, 5.3oz

Bonka 1300mAh 4S 65C Lipo – XT60

Bonka 1300mAh 4S 65C Lipo - XT60


  • Capacity: 1300mAh
  • Type: 4S1P / 14.8v / 4Cell Lithium Polymer
  • Constant Discharge: 65C
  • Pack Weight: 156.6g including wires/connector
  • Pack Size: 76.7 x 34.3 x 29.8mm
  • Charge Plug: JST-XH
  • Power Connector: XT60 Connector
  • Charge Current: 1-3C Recommended, 5C Max (1C = 1.3 Amps charging rate)
  • Watt-hours: 19.24
  • Power Wire: 12 AWG, 80mm
  • Balance Wire: 22 AWG, 40mm (with protecto)

Gens ace 1300mAh 11.1V 25C 3S1P Lipo Battery Pack with JST-SYP plug

Gens ace 1300mAh 11.1V 25C 3S1P Lipo Battery

Gens Ace 1300mAh 11.1V 25C 3S1P Lipo battery pack is Designed for F-18 jet, ombat wing, Parkmaster 3D, f-22 Raptor, airfield F15 jet, Nemesis 240 Mini,Skylark M4-FPV250,INDY250 PLUS,HOVERSHIP MHQ2(270):,ZMR 250,Emax Nighthawk 250,Vortex, FLIP FPV 250S MINI,etc.


  • Capacity(mAh) 1300
  • Voltage(V) 11.1
  • Discharge Rate (C) 25
  • Max Burst discharge Rate (C) 50
  • Configuration 3S1P
  • Net Weight(±20g) 115
  • Length(±5mm) 72
  • Width(±2mm) 35
  • Height(±2mm) 24
  • Connector Type JST-SYP
  • Wire Gauge #20
  • Wire Length(mm) 100
  • Balancer Connector Type JST-XHR

About these five FPV Lipo battery, they are all 1300mAh Lipo battery, and all of them are suitable for those Five FPV drone. How to choose them? I think you can accord your own needs to make a choice. If you want to a Lipo battery for FPV race, I advise you can choose Tattu 1300mAh 4S 75C lipo battery, this is a high discharge rate FPV lipo battery, it can provide high speed to your FPV, and Tattu and Gens Ace are two very famous and personal Lipo battery, there is a test about Lipo BatteryCapacity Rate Test, , and the result is Gens Ace Tattu & Glacier are the best.  Lipo batteries are not cheap, you should prepare two or more batteries for your quadcopters, so if you are just a hobbyist, you can choose a cheaper Lipo batteries, a right brand is also necessary. Complete these five Lipos and make your choice.

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