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The analysis of lipo battery parameters

Gens ace 2200 mAh 3s1p 25c lipo battery

Do you know lipo battery? Do you know what’s the mean of the battery parameters? If you don’t know, you can read this article and know some lipo battery knowledge. Lipo battery is very popular in Rc car and drones, most RC lovers choose lipo battery because of lipo battery high discharge, high capacity with light weight.

Now I will tell you the knowledge about lipo battery, here is a Gens Ace 2200mAh 3s 25c lipo battery. Gens Ace is the brand of this lipo battery, Gens Ace battery the whole name is Gens Ace & Tattu, it is a lipo battery manufacturers for Rc car, heli, UAV, FPV, drone and quadcopter. 2000mAh is the capacity of the lipo, 3s means its voltage is 11.1V, 1s=1 cell= 3.7V, so 3s is 11.1V, 4s is 14.4V; 25C is the discharge rate, next I will introduce Details of the “C”.

Gens ace 2200 mAh 3s1p 25c lipo battery

Important parameters:

  • Number of Cells
  • Capacity
  • C Rating
  • Discharging
  • Charging

Number of cells

Determines how many volts the battery will have. 3.7V (nominal) per cell. 1, 2 or 3 cell (or 11.1V) is the most common in beginner planes. (3 cell lipo battery is 3s lipo battery.)


How much energy that is stored in the battery. Usually written in milliampere hours or mAh for short. Milli means a 1000th of. So a 2000mAh battery is the same as a 2Ah battery; If you draw 2 Ampere through that battery it is going to last for 1 hour. If you draw 1 Ampere it’s going to last 2 hours; If you draw 4 Ampere it’s going to last ½ hour or 30 minutes or 1800 seconds

C Rating

Is how much power the battery delivers without dropping too much in voltage; How many Ampere it can deliver is dependent on the capacity of the battery; To calculate how much it can deliver you take the C rating and multiply it by the capacity rating; If you have a 1000mAh battery and a 20C rating that is 20 times 1 which is 20 ampere.

There are normally 2 different C ratings. One for continuous discharge and one for burst, which means how much it can deliver for a very short time (10 seconds)

Discharging Your Battery – Do not discharge to much!

LiPo batteries do not like to be fully discharged. They are destroyed!!! Fully discharged cell is 3.0V – Never go below this!! If you discharge more than the battery rating it can catch fire!!!

The 80% rule applies to batteries as well! Never discharge a battery more than 80% of it’s rated capacity. If you have a 1000mAh battery your should never discharge it more than 800mAh.

Charging Your Battery

Get a charger that is capable of displaying how many mAh that is put back into the pack.

Time your flights. If you fly for 5 minutes and then charge the battery and put 500mAh back into the battery your plane draws 100mAh per minute. Which means you can fly for 8 minutes max.

Charge at 1C

OK, these are the whole knowledge of lipo battery I know, if you want to buy a lipo battery for your rc car or drones, I recommend you can go to Gens Ace &Tattu official online shop, because there are many discount on Christmas deals.


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