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Tattu R-Line 95C Lipo Battery

Tattu R-Line 95C Lipo Battery

Hi guys, today I bring you the first batteries review on our website. How better than start with one of the best brands on Li-Po batteries world? Yes I’m talking about the Tattu brand. They released their FPV racing batteries, light, and high discharge rate, is what Tattu offer us with the R-Line. Made for high performance pilots, they give trust to draw all their energie with all the confidence that they will live for the next race. Tattu have 3 different versions:

Tattu R-Line 95C Lipo Battery

The version I bring to you is the 4S 1300mAh 95C.

 Tattu R-Line 95C Lipo Battery

The Unbox:

This batteries come in a card box, just looking to the box we can see that they are really focus on FPV racing, the logo with a flag and a drone claims to be one of the best batteries on the market, lets see later. Inside the box, we found a very well protected batterie, instrutions and warnings manual, also they offer us the balance plug guard. Let’s be honest we don’t need much more on the batterie box, with a simple packaging the maker can lower the price, making them more competitive in terms of price for the buyer.

Tattu R-Line 95C Lipo Battery

The Batterie:

As I sayd above this is a Tattu R-Line 4S1P 1300mAh 95C, this batterie  was developed with focus on FPV racing. For those that at the moment are starting in this hobby, are questioning themselves wich means 95C? It’s the discharge rate, theoricaly, with simple math a batterie with 1,3Ah multiplied by 95 (discharge rate) have 123,5Ah. This is the top current that the R-Line can handle, few brands on the market can provide this current on their batteries.

For the pilots, weight means a lot and Tattu knows that, so they offer us a batterie that weights 164gr, 8gr more than the Tattu 4S 1300mAh 75C. This batterie is 75mm length, 31mm thickness and 35mm width, small and powerfull it’s exactly what pilots need. As a standard, at the moment they come with XT60 pre-welded.

 Tattu R-Line 95C Lipo Battery

Size Comparison:

As you can see on the photos below the R-Line is smaller than the Turnigy Graphene with almost the same specs, but a little thicker than it’s previous batterie the Tattu 4S 1300mAh 75C. The wires are 6cm long, significantly shorter than the other batteries on the market.

 Tattu R-Line 95C Lipo Battery

Tattu R-Line 95C 06


I flew a lot  with this R-Line before this review, with a lot of hard crashes and this batteries are rock solid, they have two pieces of metal each side protecting them on crashes, I already bend this protection and the cell kept alive without any trouble. They deliver a really good punch to the motors, if we need current they provide it, this gives me much trust during the flight to do the craziest stunts with the multirotor. The only thing bad I feel with this batteries is that when it’s almost empty they start to go down much faster, but it’s normal to happen. The internal resistance is very very good I measured 3-4ohms each cell. For me the wires have the right length, but keep this in mind before you buy, check if can fit your build.

Overall the best batteries I have tried, keep the good job Tattu.

If you want to see the official website of this batteries please visit:

Gens Ace Tattu USA online 

Gens Ace Tattu Europe online 

Check out our youtube channel at: RC Best Reviews

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  • Do not run your batteries lower than 3.5V per cell;
  • Always store them inside the lipo safe bags;
  • Store them with 3.8V per cell.

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