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Tattu 2700mAh 3S lipo battery for DJI Phantom 1

DJI Phantom 1 lipo battery

Tattu 2700mAh 3S 25C lipo battery(short title: 2700mAh 3S) is produced by the famous RC Battery manufacturer Gens Ace & Tattu, it is designed for DJI Phantom 1 in the beginning. However now DJI Phantom 1 has discontinued, and many people who has Phantom 1 are hard to find a lipo battery for their Phantom 1 quadcopters, but they can buy DJI Phantom 1 lipo battery on, the Tattu 2700mAh 3S still on sale.

DJI Phantom 1 lipo battery

This 2700mAh 3S lipo has 2700mAh capacity, and its weight only 200g, for the DJI Phantom 1 1200g take off weight, the 2700mAh 3S is too light; as we know, a drone which want to have a long flight time, it must have a light weight and high capacity lipo, this 2700mAh 3S is very fit in Phantom 1. In the early of Phantom 1 development, the DJI Technicians have multiple tests, and confirm this 2700mAh 3S is the best lipo for DJI Phantom 1. Though the DJI Phantom 1 has discontinued, but Gens Ace & Tattu still produce and sale this 2700mAh 3S.

Tattu 2700mAh 3S has 11.1V voltage and 25C discharge rate. About the voltage of 2700mAh 3S, we can read this article The Classic Drone -DJI Phantom 1 to know DJI Phantom 1 drone’s lipo battery parameters, the 11.1V voltage is DJI Phantom motors’ rated voltage, the 25C discharge rate of 2700mAh 3S will provides enough speed for DJI Phantom, and the 2700mAh 3S max discharge will get 50C, it is a high discharge rate.

Tattu 2700mAh 3S size is still very little, length is 106mm, width is 33mm, height is 26mm, it looks very thin, will not take up too much space.

2700mAh 3S

2700mAh 3S

2700mAh 3S

This is the 2700mAh 3S parameters:

Brand Tattu

Capacity(mAh) 2700

Voltage(V) 11.1

Discharge Rate (C) 25

Max Burst discharge Rate (C) 50

Configuration 3S1P

Net Weight(±20g) 194

Length(±5mm) 106

Width(±2mm) 33

Height(±2mm) 26

Connector Type XT-60

Wire Gauge AWG14#

Wire Length(mm) 80

Balancer Connector Type JST-XH

Tattu 2700mAh 3S lipo not only designed for DJI Phantom, but also fit in F330 & 330mm size multicopter, Vortex,400mm X-Sled,400mm X-Sled. It is a quadcopter lipo battery, common to many different quadcopters. Now if you want to buy a 2700mAh 3S, you can click this link:

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