• Mounting The Motors And Speed Controllers

    Mounting The Motors And Speed Controllers

    Build A Quadcopter-Part 2

    Mounting The Motors And Speed Controllers

    This is the second part of Build A Quadcopter, on this part, I will mainly talk about how to Mounting The Motors And Speed Controllers. You can watch the video or read our detailed steps. And if you have not watch the Part 1of build a quadcopter, you can click here to read it:

    Build A Quadcopter Frame-Part 1   [Read More…]

  • UAV Building

    UAV build

    This is a UAV Build experience shares, I wrote some quadcopter build articles, but it is a mini quad, not like this UAV, this is a S500 UAV build.  Its actually a rebuild of a Kickstarter project (Fourbot) that I backed a few years ago. I ended up with a bunch of cheap components, no build instructions and very little support from the project creator. With a lot of googling and help from other backers I got it built and in the air but [Read More…]

  • The first drone of YI Technology : YI Erida

    The first drone of YI Technology : YI Erida

    There are two new products form YI Technology are showed at CES 2017, they are YI 4K+ Action Camera and the YI Erida. And I’m most interested in the YI Erida, it is said that the YI Erida is the first drone by YI Technology. [Read More…]

  • DJI spreading wings S800

    DJI spreading wings S800

    I think most drone/UAV hobby players are very familiar with DJI, like DJI Phantom 1, Phantom 2, Phantom 3, Phantom 4, Phantom 4 pro and DJI Mavic pro; because these DJI products are all very famous on the world, and DJI has became the largest UAV company, they have many other products you have not know. We have knew these DJI Phantom and Mavic are all quadcopter, DJI has many Multirotors, like DJI spreading wings S800.

    About DJI spreading wings S800, I just know it not long ago. The same to you, I only know Phantom and Mavic in the past, I got the information of DJI spreading wings S800 from GensTattu.com, in my opinion, I think DJI produce quadcopters, Yuneec produce Multirotors, now I found I’m wrong, so I have a deep to know DJI spreading wings S800 and tell you what I have knew. [Read More…]

  • Decided to fly a Yuneec Typhoon H Pro


    For the past couple of years, I’ve been flying small UAS(Unmanned Aircraft Systems, or FAA-speak for drones) as a hobby, and have found the video graphy aspect fascinating.  So much so, that I’ve decided to make the hobby a bit more than a hobby.  Tomorrow I’ll take delivery of a Yuneec Typhoon H Pro – a six rotor photography platform with a built in 4K video/still camera, and active collision avoidance from Intel. [Read More…]

  • The 6 common problems about drones

    The 6 common problems about drones

    When we are playing our drones at the free times, we will always meet some problems during the fling time, they will make us feel unhappy, there are 6 common problems about drones and the solutions.

    [Read More…]

  • The Professional FPV Racing Drone XJaguar


    On September 23, the Intelligent motion UAV manufacturer called FLYPRO feibao drone produced a professional racing drone XJaguar, this drone is a competition for professional use for FPV tournament players and racing drones professional player . XJaguar is equipped with a 8-in-1 tower structure patent technology, highly [Read More…]