• How to evaluate the quality of RC lipo battery?

    Tattu lipo battery

    It is so dazzling that there are numerous types of RC lipo battery on the market today. However, the quality of lithium polymer battery is a major worry for aeromodeller, and therefore, we today make popular scientific education about how to evaluate the quality of lithium polymer battery.

    Most of current lithium polymer batteries and all the UAV batteries are the battery pack with composition of the connection in series and in parallel, including connection in series presenting as “S” and connection in parallel presenting as “P”. For example, 3S battery means 3 chips connected in series, and 6S2P means 12 chips of battery core with 6 chips connected in series and 2 chips connected in parallel.

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  • The tips of Drone Flight safety


    At the beginning of 2016, Amazon broke the news that they planning to use drone distribution. On an interview, they put forward the target of drone distribution and when the user place an order they hope to be able to complete the delivery within 30mins. With the drone is more and more popular, at the same time the security and privacy questions are also facing emerging. But I think it is can’t stop the more and more hobbyist passion. After all, the drone application is more and more close to life.

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