• How to Prevent Drone Battery from Exploding?

    Tattu lipo battery

    Lithium ion polymer battery, also called lithium battery is the best choice of consumer drone. Compared with the model and weight of the cells themselves, its energy density is pretty high, each cell voltage usually is 3.7 volts, so you only need less battery to get more energy than other rechargeable batteries. Lithium battery discharging rate is slow, charging takes a long time.

    But use and recharge lithium battery inappropriately, will make the working performance get worse, even causes smoking and burning. In so to avoid drone battery explode, or make the battery to the best performance use longer, need some necessary common sense. The following Gens ace &Tattu will give some tips are about how to use lithium battery.

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  • Comparing with graphene battery and Tattu R-line 95C battery

    R-Line battery

    After two weeks our 1300mah Tattu R-Line 95C batteries have got 15 charge-discharge cycles and now we can talk about them in a more accurate way than when they were new brand.

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