• How to save a 7s battery with one dead cell?

    How to save a 7s battery with one dead cell

    This article is mainly tell you how to save your Lipo battery with one dead cell.

    Lipo batteries are also used for RC cars or drones, and it is very popular in some RC car or FPV races. High voltage battery can offer high speed for your rc cars or drones, but what to do to a 7s pack with one dead cell? [Read More…]

  • Lipo Battery

    1300mAh 4S Lipo

    What is Lipo battery? When I first time to hear this name, I didn’t know what’s that? I can’t find its difference between other batteries. And later I search it from Google, and I have looked up the Lipo battery information, I have knew more about it. The “Li-po” full name is Lithium Polymer batteries, they are a newer type of battery and used in radio control industries, like drones, UAVs, rc car, rc helicopter and some other RCs. They have been more and more popular over the last few years, and they can offer enough power to RC hobbies. [Read More…]

  • Black Friday battery sales still go on until Nov,29

    Black Friday Sales

    There is a good news from Gens ace & Tattu official online shop: the Rc car batteries on Black Friday sales will go on until Nov,29. It means today, tomorrow or in the next five days, you will have discount when you buy lipo batteries on Gens ace & Tattu official online shop. [Read More…]

  • How to evaluate the quality of RC lipo battery?

    Tattu lipo battery

    It is so dazzling that there are numerous types of RC lipo battery on the market today. However, the quality of lithium polymer battery is a major worry for aeromodeller, and therefore, we today make popular scientific education about how to evaluate the quality of lithium polymer battery.

    Most of current lithium polymer batteries and all the UAV batteries are the battery pack with composition of the connection in series and in parallel, including connection in series presenting as “S” and connection in parallel presenting as “P”. For example, 3S battery means 3 chips connected in series, and 6S2P means 12 chips of battery core with 6 chips connected in series and 2 chips connected in parallel.

    [Read More…]

  • To model airplane pilots:do you really know RC lipo battery?


    The batteries is basic of electric model, especially for the model plane. More than 20 years have passed, power battery has a big development,NIMI battery, LIPO battery have also enter the stage of model airplane. Gens ace that has more than 10 years of battery industry to share the RC lipo battery development brief history.

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