• How To Choose A Motor

    Tattu 2305 2450KV Brushless Quadcopter Motors
    Motor is a very important part for drones, a better motor will bring you a better flying experiences. So how to choose a motor that is right for you becomes ever more important. Many people maybe have this question “what is the best motor?” This article will try make a more thorough explanation here of how to make a choice that will be best for you, as well as explain how to read the motor test results in a way that will give the answers needed.

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  • Tattu FPV Racing Drone Test

    Tattu ESC Review and Flight Test

    Maffa, he is a FPV drone pilot, last week he made a flight test about FPV quad which equip with Tattu ESCs, Tattu motors and Tattu FPV Lipo battery. As we know, Tattu is a famous rc Lipo battery brand, but in recent days, Tattu has released their ESCs and motors, though these are late for Tattu, but when FPV pilots heard, they are very interested in them, Maffa is one of them. [Read More…]

  • How to check the motors’ thrust ?


    When you are preparing to DIY a quadcopter and have chosen your motors, next you should check the motors’ thrust, so how to check the motors’ thrust? There is a data table for a  motor, now let me tell you how to check the motors’ thrust like this motor. [Read More…]

  • The guide to choose motors for your quadcopter and multirotor


    I think most drone lovers have meet the same problem: how to choose right motors for your quadcopters or multirotors? As we know, the motors is the most important part of a drone, it is the drone’s heart. So choose the right motors is very important. But how to choose motors for your drone? If you are a newbie or unfamiliar with motors, this guide will help you know more about motors. [Read More…]