• Tattu Team Race Car Video

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  • BIG NEWS-Gens Ace 200C Lipo battery?

    Gens Ace 5000mAh 200C Lipo battery

    1.Forget about the c rate,70c or 100c,we now have a new one coming out in July,200C 5000mah!!!
    Not saying the burst can reach 2000A,but the consistent current can do 500A,means you can go full throttle as long as you want,sample just passed ,check the 500A discharge rate chart sending from the engineer office!!! [Read More…]

  • The Factory of Gens Ace & Tattu battery

    Grepow Battery manufacturer

    The Grepow company, it’s the the parent company of Gens Ace & Tattu Lipo battery. I think most rc fans are all know Gens Ace and Tattu, you may few know Grepow. Today, I am bringing you to Grepow, one of the best manufacturers of lithium polymer batteries. I am visiting Grepow’s factory as a customer. [Read More…]

  • The best five FPV drones and Lipo batteries

    The best five FPV drones and Lipo batteries

    There are more and more quadcopters on RC hobby, and quadcopters have many different categories, like camera drone, Mini FPV quadcopter, large quadcopter…And the mini FPV quadcopters are the most popular for people. Why? Because the mini FPVs are easy to control, carry and they cost the cheapest, and there are many FPV races appeal to pilots. If you are a beginner or a old pilots, how do you choose your FPV drone? I think old pilots have their own FPV drones, but for the beginners, how do you choose your FPV drone? and how to choose Lipo battery for your FPV drone? [Read More…]

  • GensTattu Insights: Peter Liu, CEO

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  • RC Lipo battery knowledge


    This guide is about lipo battery is for RC beginners(if you are a Rc car, UAV, drone, Rc heli and some other Rc lovers, this article may give you some help), but if you are a old players, you can share this guide to newbie. I wrote this article mainly to tell you what’s the lipo battery and what all the numbers mean on the lipo battery. If you know these, these guide will give you some help in future, these are some basic knowledge about battery or RC. [Read More…]

  • LiPo Battery Capacity Test

    Gens ace 5000mAh 7.4V 50C 2S1P HardCase Lipo Battery Pack 10#

    When you have bought a lipo battery, you can see the battery data on your battery; such as a 5000mAh 3s 25c lipo battery, it tell me the battery’s capacity is 5000mAh, voltage is 11.1V, discharge is 25C.(if you don’t know What are these battery data mean, you can read this article: The analysis of lipo battery parameters) But in fact, are these battery data is true? In order to prove these battery data true or false, I have a battery capacity test.

    Since my UP100AC charger lets me discharge & balance charge and see the total measured capacity (both from a charge or a discharge) I’ve kept notes on actual measured capacity vs. rated capacity. I just thought I would share them here. As I come across (or borrow from friends/family) more batteries I’ll update this post, obviously if you have the same type of info feel free to add to this thread! [Read More…]

  • 2016 Gens Ace & Tattu Championship Race Results

    2016 Gens Ace Championship Race Results

    Do you still remember the 2016 World Drone Racing Championships in Hawaii? Maybe you have past many wonderful racing games, but you can know the racing result.Here is the result of Gens Ace Championship Race.

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  • To model airplane pilots:do you really know RC lipo battery?


    The batteries is basic of electric model, especially for the model plane. More than 20 years have passed, power battery has a big development,NIMI battery, LIPO battery have also enter the stage of model airplane. Gens ace that has more than 10 years of battery industry to share the RC lipo battery development brief history.

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  • [RC video]This clip is dedicated to all the FPV enthusiasts in the world

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