• What do you need to get before Start a Drone Racing

    FPV drone

    I think most RC drone fans like to watch drone racing, but do you know what does a FPV drone Pilot need to get before start a drone racing? Drone racing is not a simple sport, but it’s not too complicated once you know what you need to buy, if you want to be a drone racing pilot or know more about it, this article will give you some help. In this article, I’m going to go over all of the things that you need to get before going for your first flight. If you have more questions about this subject, leave them in the comment section and we will answer them as soon as we can. [Read More…]

  • Tattu R-Line 95C Lipo Battery

    Tattu R-Line 95C Lipo Battery

    Hi guys, today I bring you the first batteries review on our website. How better than start with one of the best brands on Li-Po batteries world? Yes I’m talking about the Tattu brand. They released their FPV racing batteries, light, and high discharge rate, is what Tattu offer us with the R-Line. Made for high performance pilots, they give trust to draw all their energie with all the confidence that they will live for the next race. Tattu have 3 different versions: [Read More…]

  • How to choose a Lipo battery for your drone?

    1300mAh 4S 75C lipo battery

    For most drone newbies, it is very important to know how to choose a Lipo battery for your drone; but drones is a great lesson, you need to know too much knowledge like motors, ESC, wings, Lipos and so on. And this article is help you to know how to choose a lipo battery for your drones, and you must to know some Lipo knowledge before read this post. [Read More…]

  • Top Five Lipo batteries for MinQuad

    Top five miniquad Lipo battery

    I wrote a piece of similar article “The best five FPV drones and Lipo batteries before, I introduced five brand lipo batteries for those FPV drone, and today I will introduce top five mini quad lipo batteries, there are some new brand batteries like Dronelabs, Turnigy, SMC and Tattu.

    Top Five Lipo batteries for Mini quad

    • Tattu Lipo batteries
    • Dronelabs Lipo batteries
    • Turnigy nano-tech
    • SMC True Spec 1300mAh
    • Turnigy Graphene 4S

    [Read More…]

  • GensTattu Insights: Peter Liu, CEO

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  • The ERSA Euro Cup 2016

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  • What is the best FPV lipo battery brand?

    2200mah 3s lipo battery

    What do you think of the most important part for a FPV drone? What do you most care of a FPV drone? I don’t know what’s your most care about, but I just share something I care. I want to my FPV can flight longer and faster, but how to get it? As we know, the motors determines the FPV drone speed; battery determines the FPV drone flight time and speed. If you have good motors and light weight, high discharge and high capacity, your FPV drone will flight longer and faster. So a good lipo battery is very important for a FPV, but how to choose the best lipo battery for your FPV? [Read More…]

  • Black Friday battery sales still go on until Nov,29

    Black Friday Sales

    There is a good news from Gens ace & Tattu official online shop: the Rc car batteries on Black Friday sales will go on until Nov,29. It means today, tomorrow or in the next five days, you will have discount when you buy lipo batteries on Gens ace & Tattu official online shop. [Read More…]

  • Buy a best battery for Rustler VXL


    What kind of battery does Rustler VXL need? What’s the best Rustler VXL battery? Where can I buy a Rustler VXL battery? Where is the cheapest 3s lipo battery for Rustler? I have played RC trucks about 2 years, I think most people have these question about your Rustler VXL, so today I will help you to solve these questions. [Read More…]

  • FPV Academy – FPV fly at a beautiful beach and tree

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