• MaiOnHigh FPV-Heat Wave Track

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  • Eachine Racer 250 FPV Quadcopter

    Eachine Racer 250

    Eachine Racer 250 is very good racing FPV quadcopter, it is very small and light weight. Its weight is 400g without battery, and the size is 1220 x 233 x 50. Eachine Racer 250 is back again with a 250 FPV drone that is so complete… It’s ready to fly out of the box in just minutes. Fully assembled (unless of course you got the DIY version) using hobby grade parts its no wonder why  the racer 250 is the fpv drone on the market right now for everyone from beginner fliers to experienced pilots as eachine thinks of everything, always 1-up on the other guys with something extra like the cool red anodized front plate for the adjustable FPV camera, bright switchable led headlights and sick led back light bar. [Read More…]

  • 7 FPV Flight Exercises before you start

    7 FPV Flight Exercises before you start

    This article is wrote for FPV quad beginners, if you are a rich experience Flier, you can share your experience to beginners on this blog. I collect many tips about FPV flying and share them to FPV beginners.

    When we plan to have a FPV flying, there are some preparations are necessary to do before we start. For the following exercises, it’s best to have your FPV camera facing straight ahead if you are a beginner (no camera tilting). Some more advanced fliers tilt their cameras up so they can see the horizon when flying fast. [Read More…]

  • The Four Mini FPV Quadcopters

    RND Indy 250

    Now FPV Quadcopters have got more and more popular, many drone loves are trying to play FPV Quadcopters, and there are many FPV racing on the world, like the 2016 World Drone Fpv Racing Championships in Hawaii, it is a wonderful FPV Racing, the pilots are come from all over the world. The UAVs are not only used to shooting, more and more pilots like to racing. There are four mini FPV quadcopters and most FPV lovers like them, some of them are used to racing. [Read More…]