• Commonly Used FPV Equipment of Play with FPV Sports

    FPV equipment &FPV battery

    Unless you invest in the right FPV equipment, your experience while taking part in FPV sports may not be the best. Call it video piloting or remote-person view (RPV), but one certain thing is first-person view (FPV) is fast becoming a popular terminology in gaming and sporting. By using special devices or gadgets, a user is able to have a pilot’s or driver’s view as if inside an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). This makes the game more realistic, exciting and challenging. For this kind of view, the following FPV equipment is necessary:

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  • What is FPV and the development of FPV

    FPV and battery

    FPV is an acronym for “First Person View” and usually refers to the recreational sport of flying RC aircraft, with tiny cameras on board that transmit live video down to the aircraft operator/pilot.

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