• FPV Quadcopter Frame Replacement

    FPV Quadcopter Frame Replacement

    The FPV drone Racing competition is coming, but my drone is too broken, it is hard to show it to others, so I decide to replace a new one. I have flight the FPV drone about half a year, and also flight in the garage, so my drone is easy to hit the wall, it only looks old and broken, the others are good. [Read More…]

  • Drone Champions League kicks off the 2017 racing schedule in Paris


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  • Build or Buy a quad?

    Build or Buy a quad

    I think most newbie to drone will face one question, should you build or buy your first quad? The question has came up a lot.
    Build or Buy? Let’s break it down into the basics…………
    Before you attempt to span the void between “DIY or Ready-To-Fly?”, you should buy your first quad and it should be a small, ready to fly quadcopter that you can use to fly around your apartment, living room, history class, back yard, etc. just to learn the basics of control. Take it out the box, charge it up and start flying the same day you brought it home. Do this before flying anything that is larger, more expensive, took a lot of time to build, etc. but please note: don’t attempt to fly in your history class!
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  • 7 FPV Flight Exercises before you start

    7 FPV Flight Exercises before you start

    This article is wrote for FPV quad beginners, if you are a rich experience Flier, you can share your experience to beginners on this blog. I collect many tips about FPV flying and share them to FPV beginners.

    When we plan to have a FPV flying, there are some preparations are necessary to do before we start. For the following exercises, it’s best to have your FPV camera facing straight ahead if you are a beginner (no camera tilting). Some more advanced fliers tilt their cameras up so they can see the horizon when flying fast. [Read More…]

  • Learning how to fly a drone

    Wingsland S6

    The drone has became more and more popular, and many people are interesting in flying drones, but for these newbies of drone, they don’t know how to fly a drone, they need some help or guide on fling drones. There are 3 ways to learn how to fly a drone and you can choose one for yourself. The 3 common ways are: [Read More…]

  • What is the best FPV lipo battery brand?

    2200mah 3s lipo battery

    What do you think of the most important part for a FPV drone? What do you most care of a FPV drone? I don’t know what’s your most care about, but I just share something I care. I want to my FPV can flight longer and faster, but how to get it? As we know, the motors determines the FPV drone speed; battery determines the FPV drone flight time and speed. If you have good motors and light weight, high discharge and high capacity, your FPV drone will flight longer and faster. So a good lipo battery is very important for a FPV, but how to choose the best lipo battery for your FPV? [Read More…]

  • The smallest FPV drones on the world


    The smallest FPV drones only the size of a coin, today let’s have a look at it:

    This FPV drone named Aerius, size 3x3x2cm, not much bigger than a normal coin. There’s a control storage box  in the middle, it can be used to place the drones, and it take very convenient.

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  • Black Talon FPV Quad is a drone for indoor flight

    Black Talon FPV Quad is a drone for indoor flight, it has a good comprehensive property,but its time of fly is too short.



    The UAV has gradually become a mainstream digital gadgets, not only take the aerial photography, surveying and other specialized work, even to the competitive direction. For ordinary people, the UAV can also be a great relaxation activities, especially the cheap, easy to use model.

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  • UK Drone Show iSeries Drone Racing 2016

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  • How to experience the fun of flying FPV for beginners

    the FPV pilot

    The FPV just like the F1 racing car in the drone, which uses the first person view to control. In the process of flight, through the specified arches, high-speed turns sideways, all-around flips to control the flight. Then, when beginners to play FPV, how to fly it and what to attention?

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