• How Fast Can FPV Quad Fly?

    Stinger x210 Racing Quad

    Flying FPV quad is a popular rc hobby, but is there anyone know what’s the fastest speed of FPV quad? Recent days, I found a FPV pilot test his Stinger x210 Racing Quad flight speed with different batteries and props. [Read More…]

  • Flite Test Gremlin Micro Quad Flight Video

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  • Emax Nighthawk 250

    Emax Nighthawk 250

    Emax Nighthawk 250 Pro II carbon fibre frame kit that comes with everything you need to build an awesome FPV quadcopter! The Emax Nighthawk 250 Kit is the best value “250” size FPV racer. [Read More…]

  • WarLark 80 Micro FPV Quad

    WarLark 80 Micro FPV Quad

    When I get the Warlark and opened it, there were no instructions or documentations of any kind. It came with four extra props, a charging cable and one 300mAh battery. I think if you buy one Warlark, yours will the same to mine, so I recommend you can collect this article if you want to buy a Warlark, this article will introduce your more about Warlark. [Read More…]

  • What do you need to get before Start a Drone Racing

    FPV drone

    I think most RC drone fans like to watch drone racing, but do you know what does a FPV drone Pilot need to get before start a drone racing? Drone racing is not a simple sport, but it’s not too complicated once you know what you need to buy, if you want to be a drone racing pilot or know more about it, this article will give you some help. In this article, I’m going to go over all of the things that you need to get before going for your first flight. If you have more questions about this subject, leave them in the comment section and we will answer them as soon as we can. [Read More…]

  • Tips about FPV and Mini Quad Racing

    Tips about FPV and Mini Quad Racing

    Either FPV drones or mini quads, they are all most popular in racing, when the weekends or holidays, you and your partners can get together and have a FPV racing. About FPV racing, there are some tips you must to know begin a FPV race

    Race Types and Places

    Race place can take place anywhere: like warehouse, parking lot, in the forest, or simply on an open field with obstacles. Just like any other types of racing, the goal is to go through the course without crashing. [Read More…]

  • History of FPV drone Racing

    FPV racing

    Now there are more and more racing on the world, and drone racing is quickly becoming a popular sport around the world, you can’t miss it if you are into flying multirotors or FPV. About drone racing, it is mainly talking about FPV drone racing. It doesn’t matter if you are piloting or just watching the race, anyone who takes it seriously doesn’t look at the drone from a distance, but instead they put on video goggles or use monitors to watch from the aircraft’s perspective. [Read More…]

  • How to Extend the Battery Flight Time of Drone FPV

    drone FPV

    Most Quadcopters have a flight time ranging between 3minutes to 20minutes. However, other cheaper models have a flight time shorter than this. The most puzzling question that Drone FPV pilots face is how to extend the flight time of the FPV battery in use.

    There are many factors that affect the flight time of the FPV drone; such as the weight of the drone, winds, flight recording, and flight style. The addition of weight, presence of wind and recording your flight using a camera are some of the conditions that drain your FPV battery flight time.

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  • Commonly Used FPV Equipment of Play with FPV Sports

    FPV equipment &FPV battery

    Unless you invest in the right FPV equipment, your experience while taking part in FPV sports may not be the best. Call it video piloting or remote-person view (RPV), but one certain thing is first-person view (FPV) is fast becoming a popular terminology in gaming and sporting. By using special devices or gadgets, a user is able to have a pilot’s or driver’s view as if inside an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). This makes the game more realistic, exciting and challenging. For this kind of view, the following FPV equipment is necessary:

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  • The Benefits of Playing Drone FPV

    drone FPV

    Drones are undoubtedly a ground-breaking invention of the modern times. They are being used for numerous applications in various fields. But the one application that is gaining huge popularity nowadays is FPV racing. FPV or First-Person-View is attracting hundreds of pilots with its unique and newfangled approach. This is simply a race where the pilot can see live footage through the camera integrated on their drone. A special goggle with the in-built screen is worn by FPV racers where the live footage is transmitted.

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