• Mounting The Motors And Speed Controllers

    Mounting The Motors And Speed Controllers

    Build A Quadcopter-Part 2

    Mounting The Motors And Speed Controllers

    This is the second part of Build A Quadcopter, on this part, I will mainly talk about how to Mounting The Motors And Speed Controllers. You can watch the video or read our detailed steps. And if you have not watch the Part 1of build a quadcopter, you can click here to read it:

    Build A Quadcopter Frame-Part 1   [Read More…]

  • Build A Quadcopter Frame

    Build a quadcopter Frame

    This is a guide to teach you “how to build a quadcopter frame”, and this is the first step about build a quadcopter. For beginners, this guide will give you much help. And this article’s source is Myfirstdrone, and I will share more build quadcopter steps in future. [Read More…]

  • How to build quadcopter for Beginners

    How to build quadcopter

    For quadcopter beginners, they need to know much knowledge about quadcopter, such as how to choose the motors, lipo batteries, frames…If a beainner want to build quadcopter, how can he do it?

    Drones are awesome. They are great tools and some fun to mess around with. This post is designed to help you build a cheapish quadcopter that can get you started on your love of quadcopters. You may have seen the dpi phantom and such which cost around 1000-2000 dollars [Read More…]

  • My First Quadcopter FPV250 Build


    (This article is shared by a quadcopter lovers.)

    This is my Frist quadcopter FPV250 build, I have took much time on it, and I will share my quadcopter build experiences to you and teach you how to build a quadcopter by yourself. Before build a quadcopter, you’d better know some knowledge about quadcopter and prepare the materials of quadcopter. When you plan to build a quadcopter, you must have a ideal that what’s the size of you quadcopter do you want to build? [Read More…]

  • Recommend 3 DIY Quadcopters

    Hercules 500mm QuadCopter

    Do you want to DIY a quadcopter? Most quadcopter lovers will answer “YES”. But as we know, DIY a quadcopter is not easy to do. You should know much knowledge about quadcopter, such as how to choose the frame, the motors, batteries, ESC, flight control system and so on. So most people like to buy a semi-finished products to DIY a quadcopter, this is a easy way to finished a quadcopter, next I will introduce 3 DIY quadcopter: Mini Shredder 200mm KIT, Emax Nighthawk 250, Hercules 500mm QuadCopter. [Read More…]

  • If you want DIY a quadcopter, what you need ?


    Hey guys, do you want DIY quadcopter? DIY a quadcopter is a great thing, when you meet your friends, you introduce your quadcopter to your friends and proud to say that my friend, look here , I have made a plane. But in fact, if you want DIY a quadcopter is not easy, you must know many knowledge about quadcopter. Now I will tell you what you need if you plan to DIY a quadcopter.

    [Read More…]