• Mounting The Quad’s Electronics

    Mounting The quad's Electronics

    Build A Quadcopter-Part 3

    Mounting The Quad’s Electronics

    Here is a Video about how to mount the electronics include the ESCS, Flight Controller and Receiver by Korey Smith which come from My First Drone.com. This is the third step of build a quadcopter, and this is very important and hard, but It’s dogged that does it; Korey Smith, a RC model enthusiast and co-owner of MyFirstDrone, will teach you how to Mounting The Electronics.

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  • Build A Quadcopter Frame

    Build a quadcopter Frame

    This is a guide to teach you “how to build a quadcopter frame”, and this is the first step about build a quadcopter. For beginners, this guide will give you much help. And this article’s source is Myfirstdrone, and I will share more build quadcopter steps in future. [Read More…]

  • UAV Building

    UAV build

    This is a UAV Build experience shares, I wrote some quadcopter build articles, but it is a mini quad, not like this UAV, this is a S500 UAV build.  Its actually a rebuild of a Kickstarter project (Fourbot) that I backed a few years ago. I ended up with a bunch of cheap components, no build instructions and very little support from the project creator. With a lot of googling and help from other backers I got it built and in the air but [Read More…]

  • How to build quadcopter for Beginners

    How to build quadcopter

    For quadcopter beginners, they need to know much knowledge about quadcopter, such as how to choose the motors, lipo batteries, frames…If a beainner want to build quadcopter, how can he do it?

    Drones are awesome. They are great tools and some fun to mess around with. This post is designed to help you build a cheapish quadcopter that can get you started on your love of quadcopters. You may have seen the dpi phantom and such which cost around 1000-2000 dollars [Read More…]

  • Difference between a 3S and 4S Setup for Mini Quadcopter

    1300mAh 4S 75C lipo battery

    When you plan to build a mini quadcopter, how do you choose your battery voltage? 3S lipo battery or 4S lipo battery? Maybe for newbie, you don’t know the difference between 3s an 4s lipo, even though you may don’t know what’s the mean of 3S lipo and 4S lipo (you can read these articles: RC Lipo battery knowledge or The analysis of lipo battery parameters); so I wrote this article to tell you the difference between 3S and 4S for mini quadcopter. [Read More…]

  • Choosing Propellers for your quadcopter

    Choosing Propellers for your quadcopter

    When you are build a quadcopter, propellers are the same important to the motors and lipo battery. Propellers generate thrust by spinning and moving air. The more air it can move, the more thrust it will generate. This guide will tell you some knowledge about propellers. [Read More…]