• The best five FPV drones and Lipo batteries

    The best five FPV drones and Lipo batteries

    There are more and more quadcopters on RC hobby, and quadcopters have many different categories, like camera drone, Mini FPV quadcopter, large quadcopter…And the mini FPV quadcopters are the most popular for people. Why? Because the mini FPVs are easy to control, carry and they cost the cheapest, and there are many FPV races appeal to pilots. If you are a beginner or a old pilots, how do you choose your FPV drone? I think old pilots have their own FPV drones, but for the beginners, how do you choose your FPV drone? and how to choose Lipo battery for your FPV drone? [Read More…]

  • Introducing 3 best FPV Racing Drone

    Walkera F210

    Drone racing has became more and more popular in recent years, especially FPV drone racing, it attracts many people drone lovers, and there are many World Drone Fpv Racing Championships have hosted, like the 2016 World Drone FPV Racing Championships in Hawaii, and there are many FPV racing team like the Team Tattu. However, to win a FPV racing, you not only need excellent flight skills, but also need a high quality FPV racing drone, many pilots have their professional FPV drone and some other equipment. Here I will introduce 3 popular FPV racing drones to you, and you can complete these 3 FPV drones which one is the best or fit you. [Read More…]