• 22000mAh 6S high capacity lipo battery

    22000mah 6s lipo

    As we know, the most popular drones like DJI, Yuneec and some others, their drone are also not very large, DJI Phantom 4 pro drones are used 5000nAh lipo and can fly about 20mins; but have saw the drone which can equip with 22000mAh 6S lipo battery? There are many UAVs, large drones, multirotors ,multicopters and E1200 multirotors are need 22000mAh lipo battery, like so high capacity lipo battery can provide enough power to power them fly. Like this battery is hard to find, you can buy it from GensTattu. Now let’s talking about this high capacity lipo battery-Tattu 22000mAh 6S lipo battery. [Read More…]