• The 4 Best Deals for FPV Battery In Genstattu Anniversary Sale

    Tattu FPV battery deals

    For RC FPV drone pilots, a good batteries are more important. Today, we will recommend the 4 best deals for FPV battery to you.

    August is a special month for Gens ace&Tattu; It is the second anniversary of the official online shop Genstattu.com. To celebrate the 2nd birthday of genstattu.com, and to thank for their all regular and new customer’s support, Gens ace&Tattu has made a good deal for everybody to shop online. Let’s take a look at some of the great offers we have picked out for you:

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  • Which FPV battery is best to fuel your FPV Drone adventure


    FPV drone and airplane flying has become one of the most popular and addicting hobbies in the last decade. It is basically just like flying an RC drone or airplane, but with a camera attached on the plane in order to give you a lifelike cockpit-style view from the perspective of the aircraft. This is what we call a “first person view”, or FPV. Just about any RC aircraft can be modded for FPV flight, and there are several aftermarket kits and individual components that you can buy to upgrade your RC aircraft and enjoy a truly mesmerizing FPV experience. These kits usually include the camera, a radio transmitter, a battery, a remote, and a first person viewing goggles that displays the live feed from the camera straight in front of your eyes. These days, people are experimenting with VR headsets that can track the motion of your head in order to turn the camera attached to the plane. This way, you can look exactly where you want and can get a virtual pilot experience that is incredibly realistic.

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  • What is FPV and the development of FPV

    FPV and battery

    FPV is an acronym for “First Person View” and usually refers to the recreational sport of flying RC aircraft, with tiny cameras on board that transmit live video down to the aircraft operator/pilot.

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