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Recommend 3 DIY Quadcopters

Hercules 500mm QuadCopter

Do you want to DIY a quadcopter? Most quadcopter lovers will answer “YES”. But as we know, DIY a quadcopter is not easy to do. You should know much knowledge about quadcopter, such as how to choose the frame, the motors, batteries, ESC, flight control system and so on. So most people like to buy a semi-finished products to DIY a quadcopter, this is a easy way to finished a quadcopter, next I will introduce 3 DIY quadcopter: Mini Shredder 200mm KIT, Emax Nighthawk 250, Hercules 500mm QuadCopter.

Mini Shredder 200mm

Mini Shredder 200mm

This 200mm Mini Shredder coming in at just under 65grams can carry your standard Mobius, RunCam or Go Pro HD Recording Cameras with ease and thanks to its very sporty, compact design you will surely be flying in areas you only dreamed of not to mention the size which makes it less intimidating when you fly at your local parks.


1x Base Plate (Carbon Fiber 2.5mm)

1x Top Plate(Carbon Fiber 1.5mm)

1x simple PDB

1x Lipo strap(recommend 1300mAh 3s lipo2200mAh 3s lipo)

Frame Weight 64.4G

Top Plate Bottom Plate Mini PDB

Aluminum Standoffs x6

M3 Button Head Frame Bolts x12

Battery Strap

1306 3200kv Motors x4

20A BL Heli Esc’s x4

4045 Inch Props Full Set

Build Time Roughly 1.5 hours Depending on your multirotor building experience.

This 200mm Mini Shredder coming in at just under 65grams really delivers performance and for those of you weight freaks we also tested with nylon standoffs as well as the nylon screws and we came in at only 51.1 grams huge jump which improves not only flight time but agility.

Sales website:

Emax Nighthawk 250

Emax Nighthawk 250

This is the Emax Nighthawk 250/280 Pro II carbon fibre frame kit that comes with everything you need to build an awesome FPV quadcopter! This version includes the new BLHeli series ESC’s and the Emax skyline 32 acro flight controller (same as the naze32 acro).  This new version of the frame includes two mounting positions for the arms enabling you to build a 250 size quadcopter or a bigger 280 size quadcopter.


1 x 250/280 nighthawk pro II Quadcopter Frame Kit Pure Carbon Fibre (1 set)

2 x 2 6030 Carbon fibre propellers (CW+CCW)

4 x MT2204-2300KV motors (2pcs CW and 2pcs CCW)

4 x BLHeli 12A ESC

1 x skyline32 flight controller

1 x QAV250 flight controller mini power distribution board PCB

Arm plate thickness: 4.75mm

Main material: carbon fiber and glass fiber mixed

Wheelbase: 280mm

Weight: 190g

Rubber dampeners to decrease recording camera vibration during flight.

Aluminum alloy spacer, light weight, reliable.

Recommend parts:

Propeller: 5-6 inch

Motor: MT1806

ESC: 8A-12A

Battery: 3S Li-Poly 1300Mah-2200Mah

Note: This kit requires assembly and does not include a battery, recommend battery is a 3S Li-Poly (1300Mah-2200Mah).

Sales website:

Hercules 500mm QuadCopter

Hercules 500mm QuadCopter

The Hercules was designed with adaptability and layout in mind. First, the Hercules has a forward camera and integrated gimbal support mount. Next, it has a power distribution board and flight controller mount for a clean and tidy layout. The dual boom arms are designed to house the ESCs vertically and support the red anodized and satin aluminum motor arms. The wide-stance landing gear adds to the rugged looks and versatility, as well as having an optional 60mm hook and rod mounting points. The lower battery mount allows for a wide range of CG locations and the overall looks make this very easy to orient visually in the air. The Hercules is a 500mm motor-to-motor square layout, making the flight characteristics and tuning a breeze.

The Hercules is sized just right for fun and utilitarian uses. The rugged mythological good looks make this a champion among quadcopters.


  • Unique front mounting providing directional orientation and style
  • Optional 60mm hook and rod mounting
  • Composite and CNC construction
  • Integrated ESC mounting
  • Lightweight
  • Square motor layout for great flight characteristics
  • Integrated flight controller and power distribution mounting


Wheelbase or motor to motor diagonal size: 500mm

Weight: 460g

Landing gear height to bottom of frame: 75mm

Flight controller and power distribution mounting: 45mm Square


Motor: 22~28 Class of motor (recommendation)

ESC: 4 x 20~30A (recommendation)

Propeller: 4 x 8~12in (recommendation)

Battery: 2200mAh~5000mAh

3s lipo battery~4s lipo battery (11.1V~14.4V)

MultiRotor flight controller

5ch radio control system

Sales website:

These 3 quadcopter are not include lipo batteries, so if you want to buy the lipo batteries, you can go these website to buy:

1300mAh 3s lipo battery:

2200mAh 3s lipo battery:

5000mAh 3s lipo battery:

4s lipo battery:

These recommend website are all very good, if yo have any other way to get them, you can try others.

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