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My first build Emax Nighthawk 250

Emax Nighthawk 250

I’ve recently got into this hobby, and wanted to put a quad together having bought a couple of ready to fly models. So, this was bought for me as a recent birthday present.

My first build, and was very happy to see it start up after my first setup. I’ve done some short hover tests in the house, and seems / respond to hover well. It has some punch, even with 3s. Looking forward to taking this out, but weather hasn’t been on my side. The frame feels rock solid in my hands, and hope it can hold up to my inexperienced flying.

Emax Nighthawk 250

There is only a small amount of space between the bottom and lower place for ESCs and PDB. I might try to space this out a bit in time so it doesn’t feel crushed.

The Skyline32 is powered using the ESC BECs, When setting up, I initially tried using Baseflight, but couldn’t save some values, switched to Cleanflight, and worked no problem (both work on OSX and Windows).

To add, I really liked the updates from the shop as to my tracking information etc (maybe part of the Next Day service, but well received).

DIY Bits used:

Soldering Kit


Electrical Tape

Cable Ties

Allen Keys (wish these were included for the Frame)

Imperial Socket Set (Odd size, but worked but the bottom nuts)

RC Bits Used:

Power Cable (like XT60)


3s Battery (recommend 1500mAh 3s lipo or 2200 mAh 3s lipo )


2mm Bullets (if you want to use these to connect the Motors to the ESCs – You need 12 of male and female)

FPV Camera (if using 5v or similar, you’ll need some kind of 12v to 5v BEC)

Transmitter (if using 5v or similar, you’ll need some kind of 12v to 5v BEC)

Micro USB for FC Setup

DIY a quadcopter you should prepare your materials first, it is the most important, choosing the right materials determines how long can your quadcopter flight, or if it can fly?

Share a video about how to build a Emax Nighthawk 250.

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