Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show Drones

Drones have be used to many ways, like shooting, racing, Logistics and some others, but today the drones have be used to the show. The 51th Super Bowl was concluded satisfactorily, the most famous Super Bowl halftime shows leave indelible memories. Lady Gaga have a 13 min dance and sing show with 300 Intel Shooting drones, ducking and dodging over the Houston skyline, transforming from stars to a fluttering flag.

Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show Drones

The retractable roof at NRG Stadium opened up so the singer could make a Spider-Man-like appearance, leaping from the roof to the stage below.

Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show Drones

Before making the impressive jump, Lady Gaga performed a brief patriotic medley, singing bits of “God Bless America” and “This Land Is Your Land,” and quoting the Pledge of Allegiance.

After landing, Lady Gaga performed a variety of her hits, including “Born This Way” and “Bad Romance.” She encouraged her Houston audience to roar at their home-state “Poker Face” opening line, “I wanna hold ’em like they do in Texas, please.”

Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show Drones

Lady Gaga was backed by dancers and singers — and 300 Intel drones that shone like stars in the night sky, a routine that was pretaped because the drones weren’t allowed to fly live due to FAA regulations.

She ended her concert with not only a dramatic mic drop while standing in high heels atop a tower with flames flashing behind her, but by catching a football and then immediately plummeting off the tower.

About these 300 drones

Intel Shooting drone

These drones are Intel Shooting drones, it is not the same to Winsland S6 drone(Wingsland S6 is another famous shooting drone), each Intel drone is about a foot long square, weighs just over eight ounces, and sports a plastic and foam body to soften inadvertent impacts, it is larger and heavier than Wingsland S6. They aren’t alike the Wingsland S6 drone, which is just as well, because you’re not supposed to notice them. Instead, you’re supposed to notice the four billion color combinations created by the on board LED, and the aerial acrobatics choreographed with meticulous coding.

Intel Shooting drone

wingsland S6 Drone

Each drone communicates wirelessly with a central computer to execute its dance routine, oblivious to what the hundreds of machines around it are doing. The system can adapt on the, er, fly, too. Just before showtime, the computer checks the battery level and GPS signal strength of each drone, and assigns roles accordingly. Should a drone falter during the show, a reserve unit takes over within seconds.

All of which is pretty cool in its own right. But making it work for the biggest television event of the year takes a whole different level of planning.

Lady Gaga is Intel drone’s spokesperson, she has many shows with quadcopters, in 2013, she wear the first Flying skirt which named Volantis, the Volantis is a six-rotor drone.

Lady Gaga Volantis

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