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Knowing the drone lithium battery safety knowledge is very important

the burning Samsung Note 7

Jonathan Strobel, a resident of Palm Beach County, Florida, alleges in the suit that his Note7 was in his right pocket on Sept. 9 when it exploded, causing “severe burns” to his leg, leaving him “in shock and extreme pain due to his injuries.” Nearly a million Note7 smartphones were sold in the United States. The recall applies only to Samsung Galaxy Note7 phones sold before Sept. 15, 2016. Samsung has received 92 reports of the batteries overheating in the U.S, including 26 reports of burns and 55 reports of property damage, including fires in cars and a garage. Three Australian airlines have banned passengers from using or charging Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Note 7 smartphones during flights due to concerns over the phone’s fire-prone batteries.

the burning Samsung Note 7
the burning Samsung Note 7

Samsung Note7 mobile phone batteries like most cell phone batteries are lithium batteries, lithium-ion batteries are more and more widely used in our daily-life, such as our unmanned aerial vehicle batteries are lithium batteries, so learning how to use and maintenance the unmanned lithium-ion batteries is very important.

the burning Samsung Note 7
the burning Samsung Note 7

Why did the lithium battery explosion?

Lithium-ion battery are better than lead-acid batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel hydride batteries in performance, and it is better than fuel cells in discharge times. But the safety of lithium-ion batteries still needs to be improved. The biggest hazard of lithium-ion batteries are lithium cobalt oxide lithium-ion batteries in case of overcharge lithium-ion anode formed in Dendrite and pierces the diaphragm, forming internal short circuit. External short circuits, internal short circuit will yield hundreds of amperes of current, resulting in a battery explosion is overheated.

How to use lithium-ion batteries?

  1. The charge voltage should not exceed specified limited voltage (each battery chip is 4.2 volts), 4.25 volts is the highest limitation of each charge voltage. Charge current should not be too large (like the TATTV brand charger of 3s1500 MAH should be set at 1.5 amperes to 2.5 amperes to charge)
  1. Connect battery positive and negative electrodes correctly. If the anode and cathode of battery swap the cell’s poles over will not accept a charge. Reverse charge will make battery damage, cause heating, explosion, leaking and burn.
  1. Over discharge will make battery damage. When the battery discharges, monomer battery voltage should not be less than 3.6 volts (When single cell is 3.8 volts, the plane should almost begin to descend.)
  1. The battery should be kept in a cool environment. When storingthe battery for a long time (over 3 weeks), suggested to put in the environment that temperature keeps at 10 to 25 degree Celsius, low temperature and non-corrosive gas. Battery needs to charge and discharge once three months to keep battery activity, and ensure every chip voltage in the range of 3.7 to 3.9 volts.
  1. A good battery should have a good charger. Don’t use no-name charger.
  1. PFV must choose the brandedbatteries, don’t use unknow Single cell voltage has big difference.
  1. When flying in the hot weather, try to choose the moments that before sunrise or after sunset that the temperature is not that high. Pay attention to the heat dissipation of the battery and the electronic speed controller. If you can hang the batteries and electronic speed controller outside the plane, try to dissipate heat outside.. 
    Tattu lipo battery
    Tattu lipo battery

    The safety of lithium-ion batteries is not a peripheral issue, it is based on the material nature of technology issues. Battery factory safety testing must also be stricter. The source of Samsung Note 7 battery issue hould be battery manufacturing issues. For most drone lovers, how to Choose a drone battery? You should choose a trusted brand, such as Tattu drone lipo battery, Tattu battery is more focused on Drones/Multirotors/UAV battery pack and designed with high energy density and high discharge rate cells. It has highly reputation in the market with its stable performance. Tattu is committed to supply the safe, stable as well as long cycle life battery for UAV. With each team member takes advantage of individual superiority and take part in the more discussion, we can always keep continuous progress. Except for the universal products, we also devoted ourselves to customize as per your need. Now more and more drone lovers choose Tattu for their FPV batteries, UAV batteries and RC car batteries, because tattu batteries are very useful, safe.

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