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How to improve your LoGo 500 flight time?


Most rc helicopter players want their helicopter flight longer, and I’m one of the helicopter players, I want improve my helicopter flight time, too. So I begin to find the Solutions. I have test more times, and I get some experiences.

First I introduce my helicopter, I have a LoGo 500 helicopter, it is an old heli, but I like it very much. To improve your heli flight time, you must know your heli very much. You should according your heli to make a plan to improve it . Here is my LoGo 500 parameters.

LoGo 500

logo 500

Its main advantages are:
Considerably more transmission efficiency
Very smooth running
Extremely low noise level
155 teeth (mod. 0.7)


Constant tail drive
Fully ball-raced
Hollow 10 mm main rotor shaft
8 mm spindle shaft
Carbon tail boom support
Thrustbearing set for tail rotor with steel hub
3D vertical and horizontal fins
Alu swashplate
Light 3D paddles
Standard-size and midi-size servos can be used
CG can be determined exactly by adjusting battery position


Rotor diameter: 1150 to 1190 mm

Rotor blades: 500mm/520mm/550mm

Gear ratio main rotor: 8.1 to 12.75; Mod. 0.7

Weight: 2.6 kg and up

Battery: 6S Lipo cells 4000 mAh

After you know about your heli, the main problem is coming, how to improve your heli flight time? There are two ways, one is change your motors, change a high power, lighter motor, it is very difficult, because you not only need change a motor, you also need change battery, frame and some other parts, in another way, you are changing a helicopter; the second way is change a high discharge, lighter, larger capacity, small battery, because it is easy and cheaper. I choose the second way, and I began to find a better battery for my LoGo 500. My rc heli lipo battery is 4000mAh 6s lipo battery, I try to find a 6s battery which one is suitable for it, but i find a 3s lipo battery, I use two 3s lipo batteries in Series.

This is my 3S lipo battery I find: Gens ace 5000mAh 11.1V 45C 3S1P Lipo Battery, it is a 5000mah 3s lipo battery,

Gens ace 5000mAh 11.1V 45C 3S1P Lipo Battery

Capacity(mAh) 5000

Voltage(V) 11.1

Discharge Rate (C) 45

Max Burst discharge Rate (C) 90

Configuration 3S1P

Net Weight(±20g) 373

Length(±5mm) 154

Width(±2mm) 46

Height(±2mm) 23;

Its weight is 370g, two batteries are 740g, and the volume of two batteries in series is 154x46x46, not very big, so it is very suitable for my LoGo 500. And my LoGo 500 can fly 2min longer than the original, though it is not very longer, but it still very useful, and the price is very cheaper than the 6s lipo battery.

At last, If you are a LoGo 500 lovers, you can try to use two 5000mah 3s lipo batteries; if you are not, you can according your helicopter to find a better rc heli lipo battery for your helicopter.

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