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How to Get the Most out of Your Drone Videography

How to Get the Most out of Your Drone Videography

Drones are huge right now; there’s hardly a person on the planet who doesn’t want one. These super-toys are conquering the world, and the greatest thing about having a drone is that you can make some money out of it.

If that’s your goal, then you’ll have to try harder than just hoping to record an interesting situation that will make YouTube views on your channel pile up. For you to become better at making quality drone videos, you’ll need to introduce new rules to your flying routines.

Use Light Blockers

For starters, you should get ND filters. To attract a wider audience and make your drone videos popular, you’ll need to improve their quality. You can start with this – ND filters are used to block light, and they are an equivalent of what people would use as sunglasses. So, your recordings will momentarily become better because the excess light will be removed and because colors will be stronger.

Find Interesting Elements

You should do some scouting before your shootings. The fact is that you should make spontaneous ones – you never know what you can run into. However, up until you get lucky, your drone routes need to be planned. Therefore, do some online browsing or simply take a nice long walk to find some great spots.

Steady Movements

Horizontal and vertical shots will give your videos clarity. For your viewers to enjoy the videos you make, you need to incorporate these types of shots into your filming. For example, most drone videos of landscapes contain footage of the drone going backward or forwards. If you do sideways shots, it will give your audience something new to watch.

Get the Most out of Your Drone Videography

Make Orbit Shots

If you’ve found an impressive building or some other kind of foreground element which is mesmerizing, you should make an orbit shot around it. Naturally, you should make them slow and steady so that more details are visible. An interesting idea is to create a spiral record – start from the bottom of a building for example and make your drone move in a spiral route upwards.

Fly Through

Fly-through shots are always interesting, but you need to be very careful when you’re trying to make them. Unless you’re completely confident when it comes to your control skills, you shouldn’t experiment with difficult settings because chances are your drone will get damaged.

Mind the Weather

Speaking of damaged drones; be very careful when it comes to weather. Unexpected winds and sudden storms can set back your work significantly, and you will have to wait for a while – up until your drone gets fixed – and the repairs might be pricey. Therefore, always check the forecast before you take your drone out for a spin.

Take It Easy

No matter the quality of your camera, the fact is that your videos will be better if you lower the speed of your drone. Blur shots will only require additional effort and hours of editing. Speaking of which, you should find an experienced professional who can embellish your footage if that’s not in your area of expertise. That’s a certain way to attract more viewers.

Obviously, to make interesting videos you’ll need to practice. So, whenever possible, you should look for new angels, experiment with different locations and browse online for new tips and current trends.

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