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How to clean rc engine

How to clean RC Car

A clean motor is essential if want your RC car to be in excellent running condition. Most RC vehicles come e with sealed engines, often referred to as ‘silver cans’.You can’t dismantle then and you cannot replace the brushes either, so maintenance is minimal with these motors. Just spray them with some motor spray and let it dry. Afterwards, oil the bearings or bushings.

Modified motors can be fully stripped down. This means you can clean all their components and then reassemble them. You can even replace the parts are damaged. Here’s how you clean your RC engine;

Strip the motor down; remove the brushes, slightly loosen the screws in the end bell and twist it until it comes out. Take out the armature and you’re ready to clean the motor.

To make sure the contact between the brushes and commutator is good, make sure you keep your engine in top shape. remove the springs and slide the brushes out, so you can clean them. Be careful with them, otherwise they may get chipped or scraped. Inspect them and look for signs of discoloration. If they look purple or blue, it means they warmed up too much during the race. In this case, you’ll have to replace them. If your RC brushes look dull, wipe them off with a cotton bud and motor spray.

Now for the commutator; this part of the engine needs be clean and shiny at all times. If the commutator has black marks on it, wipe them off with a cotton bud and motor spray. You can also buy a commutator stick and rub it against the commutator., in order to remove stains. From time to time, it’s recommended that you skim your commutator. In order to do this, you’ll need to buy a Commutator Lathe, which is pretty expensive. With this tool, you can remove a thin layer of copper from the surface of your commutator. After going through this procedur a couple of times, you’ll eventually need to replace it.

The next step is cleaning the segments. You can do this either by giving them a blow with an airline, or by giving them a good brush. Make sure you remove all the grit and dirt stuck to the segments, then blow some motor spray on them and let them dry.

Cleaning your RC, motor can is probably the simplest task. Remove the loose dirt by gently tapping on your motor can, the dust it off with a dry paintbrush. Don’t forget about your end bearing. If they look dirty, clean them with some motor spray and oil them.

Every RC market carries a variety of motor sprays. These products are created specially for your RC car and can be used to clean plastic components, bearings, motors and all other RC parts.

How To Clean RC Car

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