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How to clean rc car tires

how to clean rc car

These aren’t difficult to clean. If your tires don’t have air vents, just sink them in how soapy water and scrub then dirt off with a toothbrush. After they’re dried, use some rubber or vinyl cleaner on them, to make them look like they’re brand new. If your tires have air vents, use some special tire foam. Spray it on, leave it on for a few minutes, then wipe it off with a clean rag. To remove mud, dirt or stones, use a toothbrush.

How to clean RC Car

A clean race

When running an RC car, most of the fun comes from racing on muddy tracks or leaving a trail of dust behind you as you speed off. You cannot avoid making a big mess and getting your RC car dirty, but you can follow these few tips to help keep it cleaner while racing:

With a little effort, you can make your own guards. All you need is some plastic material, like old bottles or tubs and such. Just grab a pair of scissors and start shaping your own mud- guards or flaps. In order to get the best result, you should first see which part of your RC chassis gets dirty and how. Try fitting some flaps or guards where they’re needed.

Another way to protect your chassis from getting too dirty is by using under-trays and under- bodies. You’ll find many models that fit the most popular RC cars. They are ideal for cars that have space- between the body and the chassis, namely truggies and short course trucks. Under-trays are basically trays that cover your chassis and electronic components. You can fit them under the body shell. They don’t cost much and they offer great protection against dirt and water.

Another solution is buying a chassis protector. It’s made of high-quality, self-adhesive vinyl. You just stick this chassis protector onto your chassis and it covers the screw heads as well. This way, your RC chassis will be protected from scratches.

How To Clean RC Car

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