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How Fast Can FPV Quad Fly?

Stinger x210 Racing Quad

Flying FPV quad is a popular rc hobby, but is there anyone know what’s the fastest speed of FPV quad? Recent days, I found a FPV pilot test his Stinger x210 Racing Quad flight speed with different batteries and props.

Stinger x210 Racing Quad


Tattu 1550mAh 4S 45C Lipo battery + 5045  DALPROP V2 prop

  1. First Test: 165.19km/h (±6.41km/h)-
  2. Second Test: 169.59km/h (± 6.47km/h)

Tattu 1800mAh 4S 75C Lipo battery +5×4.8×3  Racerstar prop

  1. First Test: 179.06km/h (±4.63km/h)
  2. Second Test: 176.37km/h (±3.88km/h)
  3. Third Test: 178.81km/h (±6.28km/h)

And he said that:

I think I can beat 200km/h+ but I need to wait for results for 3-5 days after that. I give measurements to university of ljubljana and faculty of mechanical engineering so they make calculations and measurements.

There is a very short video, and he is making a long and detail video about FPV quad speed in 3-5days. You can follow our blog to watch it.

How fast can your FPV Quad fly?

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