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Guides of RC Heli and Drone for Beginners


RC Helicopter and drone have became more and more popular, either men or woman, adults or children are all like this hobby. And in recent years, more and more people joined RC drone hobby, so there are many beginners of RC drone. At the beginning time, they didn’t know how to use and care about their RC Helis or drones, so they have many troubles, and their machines were meeting troubles, some serious drones are died. But as time goes by, they had a cruel lesson, they are grow up. But there are still many beginners, they need guides, here I will share some tips about RC Heli and drone for beginners.


Batteries are the major part of drone or RC helicopters, I think it is the most important part for a drone, so I will take much time to talk about the batteries of RC Heli and drone. When you fly our rc helis or drones, if you feel the battery is hot after being used, it means that the battery is aging and getting old. A battery warmer than 130 degrees is not safe at all. So, if the battery is very warm after the flight, you should get a new one. About change a new battery, you should avoid to save money to buy a low quality battery, it is not safe and good for your drone, a high quality is very necessary. But how to buy a high quality battery for your drone or RC heli?

I know most beginners are know less in batteries, and I will tell you how to get a high quality.

First let’s know about batteries:

Tattu Rline lipo battery

Capacity: The capacity of a battery is a representation of how long it can provide energy for, often quoted in mili Amp hours, (mAH). The bigger this number, the more capacity the battery has, so it can run your motors for longer. However the higher the capacity of a battery, the heavier it is so there is always a trade off between the battery capacity and weight for your aircraft.

Voltage: This is the electrical pressure. This, basically, determines how much power will be able to flow to the motor. Specifically, for the lipo batteries, voltage comes in the multiplication of 3.6 volts, or 3.5 volts each cell.

Discharge rate: The discharge rate is a very important specification to check when buying a battery. This number, also known as the battery C rating (or continuous C rating) defined how fast you can extract the energy from your battery.

Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion): This is a kind of battery, which has a rigid shape and cell structure. It is safer than the lipo battery, however not as efficient.

Lithium-Polymer (Lipo): This is a kind of battery that has a flexible shape and cell structure. Lipos can easily catch fire and also explode if dropped on a hard surface.

(Know more Lipo battery knowledge you can go this link: )

I think msot people want to their drone fly longer and faster, so you need a high capacity battery;

but you must sure the battery is compatible with your machine and what power you require, because high capacity means its weight is heavy and the volume is very large. You should accord your drone to choose your batteries. Choosing a right brand battery is very important, I recommend you can choose the Gens Ace & Tattu battery, it is a professional drone battery. Also, always have extra batteries to replace them whenever your helicopter or drone shuts down.



Propellers generate thrust by spinning and moving air. The more air it can move, the more thrust it will generate. Since propellers can break easily, you must have spare ones without fail. Always carry extra propellers to use when there are any damages to your current ones. You can buy propellers made with carbon fiber material or heavier ones. Helicopters and drones can hit walls or objects when in speed which is why you should get light-weighted accessories.

Choosing Propellers for your quadcopter


drone camera

 Many helicopters and drone are used for shooting, some mini quadcopters are used for FPV, so cameras are very important for them. You will be never want to take blurred photos or videos, so you should choose a good camera for your drone. Low-budget helicopters do not have good cameras and RC heli batteries, if you want get a good camera, you will have a High budget, here I only can help you to buy a high quality camera with reasonable price. You can read this article about how to choose a camera for your drone.

The Guide of Choose FPV Cameras for your drone


drone Controller

A good controller is a must-have for any helicopter or drone. If your controller seems a little uneasy to use, get something, which is firm and compatible with your device. Do not compromise when it comes to the controller as it is extremely essential.

At last, I want to tell all the beginners, RC helis and drones are not a cheap and easy hobby, you should cost much time and money on it, I will give you some guide to avoid you to go to the  wrong way.


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