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Gens ace & Tattu wants you to have an embarrassing Valentine’s Day


Love is a buzzy feeling that can send you soaring. The Valentine’s Day is coming, but as a Singles, I feel puzzle. But for all the lovers, you should prepare a good gifts for each other. I thought I’d construct that dreadful sentence in honor of the concept that the one thing you should buy your lover for Valentine’s Day is a drone Lipo battery. I’ve stumbled, you see, on the online shop of drone lipo battery maker Gens ace & Tattu. This company believes that “every moment is a gift,” one that should be captured by a drone battery.

In order to emphasize this, Gens ace & Tattu has peppered its site with, oh, red hearts and pictures of people thinking about kissing each other as part of its Valentine’s Day campaign. There’s also this motivating thought: “Be curious. Get creative.” Is this some twisted incitement to a new kind of love? I ought to be relieved there wasn’t any reference to love being in the air.


Perhaps the most moving (to tears) element of this marketing, though, is the limited edition Valentine’s Day gift set.

What might you imagine would be in this?

There are some hot deals Lipo batteries on the , you can find your gifts for your drone from Gens ace & Tattu online shop. I list some lipos of the valentine’s day sale.

1300mAh 4S 75C Lipo battery

1300mAh 4S 75C lipo battery

Valentine’s day Price: 26.09$

1300mAh 3S 75C Lipo battery

1300mAh 3S 75C Lipo battery

valentine’s day Price: 18.39$

1550mAh 4S 75C Lipo battery

Tattu 1550mah lipo battery

valentine’s day Price: 28.52$

You can view more Lipo batteries on Gens ace & Tattu.

valentine's day 2017

I contacted Gens ace & Tattu to ask if this gift set really represented the apogee of romance. A company spokesman named Sun Chen told me: “We were in no way trying to imply that a Lipo battery is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for everyone.”

He added that this offer was aimed at “creative people.” Apparently, when it comes to a creative person’s Valentine’s Day, a Lipo battery “can be a pretty sweet way to show that you care about what matters to them — and you love them enough to give them a new tool to pursue their passion.”

Perhaps this is merely an extension of the human need to selfie itself to death. It’s not enough to have handheld remembrances of hand-holding. You need the view from an eye in the sky.

“Make every moment a cinematic moment,” gushes the Gens ace & Tattu site. Because if your life isn’t a movie, it’s nothing at all.

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