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DJI S1000

DJI S1000

The DJI S1000 is specifically created for the professional aerographer and cinematographer. This octocopter is compatible with all Zenmuse Z15 gimbal 3 axis system that can accommodate the Cannon 5D mark 3 cameras, or any other camera that you are accustomed to using with the Zenmuse gimbal.

DJI S1000

DJI S1000 Specs

DJI S1000-1

DJI S1000

DJI S1000


Diagonal Wheelbase: 1045mm

Frame Arm Length: 386mm

Frame Arm Weight(Including Motor, ESC, Propeller ): 325g

Center Frame Diameter: 337.5mm

Center Frame Weight (With Landing Gear Mounting Base, Servos): 1330g

Landing Gear Size: 460mm (Length) ×511mm (Width) ×305mm (Height), (Top width: 155 mm)


Stator Size: 41×14mm

KV: 400rpm/V

Max Power: 500W

Weight(With Cooling Fan): 158g


Working Current: 40A

Working Voltage: 22.2V

Signal Frequency: 30Hz ~ 450Hz

Drive PWM Frequency: 8KHz

Weight(With Radiators): 35g

Foldable Propeller (1552/1552R)

Material: High strength performance engineered plastics

Size: 15×5.2inch

Weight: 13g

DJI S1000 Battery

DJI S1000 battery

DJI official recommend to use smart LiPo 6S, 10000mAh~30000mAh 15C battery, if you want to get a longer flight time, you‘d better to choose a good battery which come with light weight and high capacity, you can click here to know some recommend DJI S1000 battery.

DJI S1000 Flight Time

These are DJI S1000 flight parameters:

Takeoff Weight: 6.0Kg ~ 11.0Kg

Total Weight: 4.2Kg

Max Power Consumption: 4000W

Hover Power Consumption: 1500W (@9.5Kg Takeoff Weight)

Hover Time: 15min (@15000mAh & 9.5Kg Takeoff Weight)

Working Environment Temperature: -10 °C ~ +40 °C

When a DJI S1000 powered by a Li-Po battery of 15000mAh, making it an ideal choice for photography and cinematography purposes. The flight time also depends on the weight of the drone for take-off which is influenced by the camera used. Usually, it starts with a weight of 6 to 11 kg and the maximum power consumption during a full flight should be around 1500W. Of course, the drone can be pushed to its limits. For example, a total hovering time of about 20 minutes was recorded (over the accepted 15 minutes).

DJI S1000 Price

The last let’s talk about the DJI S1000 price, from the DJI official, their DJI S1000’s price is about $1,499; you can view DJI official website to get more information.

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