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Comparing RC Trucks and RC Cars

RC Trucks vs RC Cars

Did you know that RC cars are different from RC trucks? Well, probably not but I don’t blame you. I understand that the term ‘RC cars’ has also been used to refer to RC trucks. In reality, RC cars are driven on smooth and flat roads and RC trucks, are off-road ‘beasts.’ You can cruise them through gravel, dirt or sandy terrains.

While growing up, there were only electric versions of these vehicles. Most of them merely looked like kid’s toys. Now, times have changed, and you’ll find them in both their nitro-powered and electric versions. Here, I will help you learn more about them by showing you some of the features that separate these excellent machines!

Ground Clearance

Because RC cars are designed for smooth or flat surfaces, they have a small space for ground clearance. However, RC trucks have ample space for ground clearance. It gives them enough room underneath for moving past rocks and other obstructions.


Comparing RC Trucks and RC Cars-Suspension

When it comes to suspension, there is another striking difference between the two types of cars. RC cars will have a smaller suspension travel as their wheels don’t need to ‘bounce’ up and down much. But if you have an RC truck, you know that suspension is everything! Their long suspension allows them to ‘jump’ past huge rocks with ease.

I should also point out that RC cars have firm suspension springs and small shock absorbers. But when it comes to RC trucks, it’s quite the opposite! You’ll realize that because they have to soak up massive bumps, they need longer shocks and softer suspension springs.

Wheels and Tires

Do you love driving RC cars? If you do, then I’m sure you probably admire their shocking speeds. Well, they can move that fast because of their tires! These vehicles have smaller tires as compared to the trucks with a low rolling resistance and use slicks with no treads.

However, I prefer RC trucks because of their ‘ruthless aggression’ in tackling all kinds of terrains. Here, you’ll find that most of them have huge tires and treads for improved traction as they move through sand, mud, or dirt surfaces.


Another difference that I’ve come across is their gearing system. RC cars are geared to move at high speeds. However, RC trucks have a different type of gearing system that helps them handle massive rocks. They also need low-end power and acceleration to do what they do best!


Remote control cars have a small and streamlined design of about 1/10 scale sizes. They also don’t need a massive body to ‘glide’ on flat or smooth surfaces. But this is different when it comes to RC trucks. If you’ve watched the monster truck shows, then I know you have a clear picture of these ‘beasts.’ A good number of them are even larger than the 1/8 scale! They need such a large body to protect them as they ‘jump’ and ‘bounce’ through huge rocks.


Comparing RC Trucks and RC Cars

Lastly, I would like to show you the differences in their engines. RC trucks have a large nitro engine known as a big block, and it’s around 0.21 cubic inches or larger. They need such a massive engine to handle their massive weight, for power and also to overcome the additional rolling resistance found in off-road environments.

RC cars have smaller nitro engines, commonly known as ‘small blocks.’ They are about 0.18 cubic inches or smaller. Of course, these types of engines suit their small size and weight. Despite this, it’s still puzzling that even with small engines; remote control cars are faster than the trucks!

From these simple distinctions, I hope that you can now differentiate between these two RC gadgets. I know this will help you once you go shopping for a remote control vehicle. If you love going into the ‘wild,’ choose an RC truck. But if you want to impress your friends with speed and acceleration, the car models will suit you best. So, which model do you prefer?

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