• Fly my Speed Plane with Tattu Battery

    Fly my RC Plane with Tattu R-line Lipo battery

    My name is Myke Flesher, I am a speed plane pilot, and today I will show my two speed plane equip with Tattu R-line battery flight speed. And first I must thanks Tattu battery, I got two free Tattu batteries from Tattu Battery’s Giveaway; these batteries are Tattu R-line 4S 95C Lipo battery, it’s a high C rate 4s lipo battery,  they are also designed for FPV qaudcopter, but I equip them on my plane. [Read More…]

  • Guides of RC Heli and Drone for Beginners

    Guides of RC Heli and Drone for Beginners

    RC Helicopter and drone have became more and more popular, either men or woman, adults or children are all like this hobby. And in recent years, more and more people joined RC drone hobby, so there are many beginners of RC drone. At the beginning time, they didn’t know how to use and care about their RC Helis or drones, so they have many troubles, and their machines were meeting troubles, some serious drones are died. But as time goes by, they had a cruel lesson, they are grow up. But there are still many beginners, they need guides, here I will share some tips about RC Heli and drone for beginners.   [Read More…]

  • How to improve your LoGo 500 flight time?

    logo 500

    Most rc helicopter players want their helicopter flight longer, and I’m one of the helicopter players, I want improve my helicopter flight time, too. So I begin to find the Solutions. I have test more times, and I get some experiences.

    First I introduce my helicopter, I have a LoGo 500 helicopter, it is an old heli, but I like it very much. [Read More…]

  • How to choose a Rc helicopter battery for X5 FORMULA Kit


    Today I will share some lipo battery knowledge for X5 FORMULA Kit,tell you how to choose the best helicopter lipo battery for your X5 FORMULA Kit. First let me introduce this Rc helicopter. [Read More…]