• Tattu 18000mAh 6s 15C Intelligent Lipo Battery

    Tattu Plus2.0 18000mAh 6S1P 22.2V 15C Lipo Battery

    Now the UAVs used in many a variety of fields,  the most popular is aerial photography, such  as DJI Phantom, Yuneec, Gopro, Xiaomi… and UAVs have many other usage, such agriculture spraying, farming drone, industry survey…UAVs get more and more useful for us, but they have some disadvantages, I think the most serious is their flight time, because most UAVs are using lipo batteries, also a high quality, high capacity and light weight lipo battery will make your UAV flight longer. And there is a good Lipo battery very good! [Read More…]

  • Tattu R-line battery, motors and ESCs Giveaway

    Tattu give away

    Tattu Giveaway-Get Free Tattu R-line lipo battery, FPV quad motors and Tattu ESCs

    There are Big News on Gens ace & Tattu! Are you ready for another fantastic Tattu Giveaway? Like our page and Share our Facebook post for your chance to win the following prizes!

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  • When will drones have longer battery life and longer flight time?

    When will drones have longer battery life and longer flight time

    I often heard some pilots ask me how to get longer flight time for drones, When can we expect them to have flight times upwards of one hour? Is that something in the near future or a ways away? when will drones have longer battery life, Why are drone and quadcopter flight times so short? About these questions, I will list some answers to you. [Read More…]

  • Typhoon H Replacement Lipo Battery

    Typhoon H Replacement Lipo Battery

    Are you looking for a replacement Lipo battery for your Yuneec Typhoon H drone? DO you want to buy a Typhoon H Replacement Lipo Battery local on the USA? You can try to use this battery-Ultrax 6300mAh 4S Lipo battery.

    Ultrax 6300mAh 4S is a replacement lipo battery befit for Yuneec Typhoon H drone, up to 22mins of flight time. Upgraded smart batteries with new appearance design, it is a high performance battery. And next we can look this battery detailed parameters. [Read More…]

  • Battery For Sale-Which one Best fit for your needs?

    Tattu Plus 12000mAh 6S 15C Lipo battery

    As RC hobby has become more and more popular, the ways in which RC fans use them have become increasingly diverse. Such as RC cars, FPV drones, RC helicopters, rc airplanes, rc boats etc. And there are many RC races have hosted in recent years, like 2016 World Drone Fpv Racing Championships in Hawaii, The ERSA Euro Cup 2016Now most RC hobbies are use Lipo batteries, most rc fans like high capacity, light weight, high discharge rate battery, and there are many Lipo batteries on the market, which one is best fir for your needs? [Read More…]

  • Lipo Battery Comprehensive Guide

    Lipo Battery Parameters

    In this guide I will be going over the basics of proper charging, discharging, handling, usage, storage, and care of lithium polymer batteries so you can use them safely and effectively in your future projects. Now, this is by no means the be-all and end-all of information, and it’s always important to consult the instructions for your specific equipment, but I think this guide will provide a good basis of knowledge on the subject of these awesome batteries. [Read More…]

  • First Tattu Solar Powered Battery S-Line is Coming & Giveaway!!

    Tattu Solar Powered Battery S-Line

    There is news form Tattu Word face book page, We are so excited to announce the First Tattu Solar Powered Battery will be launched in May. [Read More…]

  • Mini drone Lipo battery: Tattu 550mAh 3.7V

    Tattu 550mAh 3.7V Lipo

    Hey guys, today I will share a mini drone Lipo battery for you , its name is Tattu plus 550mAh 3.7V Lipo battery, we can get that this battery is a low capacity and voltage lipo battery from its name, and it is produced by Tattu. I have wrote many articles about Tattu battery, I think most people know much about Tattu, but here I will still introduce Tattu battery again. [Read More…]

  • Tattu Huge Battery For a huge Quad

    [Read More…]

  • Tattu 2700mAh 3S lipo battery for DJI Phantom 1

    DJI Phantom 1 lipo battery

    Tattu 2700mAh 3S 25C lipo battery(short title: 2700mAh 3S) is produced by the famous RC Battery manufacturer Gens Ace & Tattu, it is designed for DJI Phantom 1 in the beginning. However now DJI Phantom 1 has discontinued, and many people who has Phantom 1 are hard to find a lipo battery for their Phantom 1 quadcopters, but they can buy DJI Phantom 1 lipo battery on GensTattu.com, the Tattu 2700mAh 3S still on sale. [Read More…]