• Gens Ace Charging Safeguard lipo battery charging protector

    Gens Ace Charging Safeguard

    The Gens Ace Charging Safeguard is announced to be a lipo battery charging protector, these lipo battery charging protectors are under production, you will buy it in 1~2months, now you can know more about this new product first.

    Over view:

    Gens Ace Charging Safeguard is designed for 2S-6S (nominal voltage 3.7V/cell) Lithium Polymer battery pack. [Read More…]

  • Get Free Gens Ace lipo battery

    Get free Gens Ace lipo battery

    There is a Big News from Gens Ace! You will have a chance to get free Gens Ace RC car Lipo batteries and Tattu power bank on Gens Ace Giveaway.

    Prizes include:

    1. Gens Ace 5000mAh 2S 50C lipo battery*2,
    2. Gens Ace 5000mAh 3S 50C lipo battery*1,
    3. Tattu 10400mah power bank.

    [Read More…]

  • Tattu 18000mAh 6s 15C Intelligent Lipo Battery

    Tattu Plus2.0 18000mAh 6S1P 22.2V 15C Lipo Battery

    Now the UAVs used in many a variety of fields,  the most popular is aerial photography, such  as DJI Phantom, Yuneec, Gopro, Xiaomi… and UAVs have many other usage, such agriculture spraying, farming drone, industry survey…UAVs get more and more useful for us, but they have some disadvantages, I think the most serious is their flight time, because most UAVs are using lipo batteries, also a high quality, high capacity and light weight lipo battery will make your UAV flight longer. And there is a good Lipo battery very good! [Read More…]

  • Lipo battery Discharge Test By Bulb

    Lipo battery Discharge Test By Blub

    Lipo battery discharge is a trouble things, sometimes we plane to fly outdoors with our full charge battery, but at this time you have some other reasons had to cancel this plan, you may wait a long time to flight, so a full charge lipo battery is not good for storage, Lipo battery guide said the voltage for a long time storage should be 3.6V~3.9V range per cell, so we need to discharge the battery to reduced the battery’s voltage. And there is a test about used lamp to discharge the battery. [Read More…]

  • Fly my Speed Plane with Tattu Battery

    Fly my RC Plane with Tattu R-line Lipo battery

    My name is Myke Flesher, I am a speed plane pilot, and today I will show my two speed plane equip with Tattu R-line battery flight speed. And first I must thanks Tattu battery, I got two free Tattu batteries from Tattu Battery’s Giveaway; these batteries are Tattu R-line 4S 95C Lipo battery, it’s a high C rate 4s lipo battery,  they are also designed for FPV qaudcopter, but I equip them on my plane. [Read More…]

  • How to save old and abused over-discharged Lipo Batteries

    Tattu R-line Version 2.0 HV 1550mAh 4s 100c Lipo battery

    Now lipo batteries have got more and more expensive, so pilots are becoming more and more concerned with saving batteries, particularly when they are over discharged or miss-treated.

    Below is a guide to saving an over discharged lipo and it can also be applied to a lipo with a dead cell. [Read More…]

  • Tattu R-Line Version 2.0 HV 100C LiPo Battery Pack

    Tattu R-Line Version 2.0 HV 100C LiPo battery pack

    Tattu has released their new products-Tattu 100C R-line HV Lipo batteries, there are two batteries, one is Tattu R-line Version 2.0 HV 1550mAh 4s 100c Lipo battery, the otherone is Tattu R-line Version 2.0 HV 1300mAh 4s 100c Lipo battery.

    Whats Tattu R-line Version 2.0 HV Lipo batteries? [Read More…]

  • Tattu R-line battery, motors and ESCs Giveaway

    Tattu give away

    Tattu Giveaway-Get Free Tattu R-line lipo battery, FPV quad motors and Tattu ESCs

    There are Big News on Gens ace & Tattu! Are you ready for another fantastic Tattu Giveaway? Like our page and Share our Facebook post for your chance to win the following prizes!

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  • Tattu 1550mAh 4S Lipo Battery for Stinger X210

    Stinger x210 Racing Quad

    Last time we have talked about Stinger X210, and now let’s talk about the best Lipo for Stinger X210. There are 3 Tattu 1550mAh 4S Lipo batteries for choose, they are Tattu 1550mAh 4S 45C Lipo battery. Tattu 1550mAh 4S 75C Lipo battery and Tattu R-line 1550mAh 4S 95C Lipo battery. Tattu 1550mAh 4S high discharge rate lipo battery is not only suitable for Stinger X210, build also suitable for Skylark M4-FPV250, Mini Shredder 200, INDY250 PLUS, MOJO 280, QAV250, Vortex, Mini H, Emax Nighthawk 250 FPV drone and so on. [Read More…]

  • How to choose a Lipo battery for your Armattan Japalura

    Armattan Japalura 4 Build

    Armattan Japalura 4 is a good frame to build a FPV quad, its frame Weight is about 56g and the motor to motor is 174mm, it is small and light, many people like use this frame to build a FPV quad. When we decided to build a Armattan Japalura 4 FPV quad, we should search and buy other parts for FPV QUAD, such as motors, lipo batteries escs, FC and others. (There is an Armattan Japalura 4 build article can help you choose your parts ) This article is mainly teach you how to choose Lipo batteries for your Armattan Japalura 4. [Read More…]