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What kind of battery does Rustler VXL need? What’s the best Rustler VXL battery? Where can I buy a Rustler VXL battery? Where is the cheapest 3s lipo battery for Rustler? I have played RC trucks about 2 years, I think most people have these question about your Rustler VXL, so today I will help you to solve these questions.

Rustler VXL

What kind of battery does Rustler VXL need?

Before answer this question, we should have more know about Rustler VXL. Rustler VXL is the fastest Ready-To-Race Electric Stadium Truck, there are some data about Rustler VXL:

Traxxas Stability Management

Traxxas 4amp DC Peak Detecting Fast Charger

Extreme Brushless Horsepower!

TQi 2.4GHz Radio System

Waterproof Electronics for All-Weather Driving Excitement

Top Speed: 70+mph!

From this list we can know Rustler VXL top speed is 70+mph, how does it do it? There is a form will tell you the reason.

Speed 35+mph 45+mph 65+mph 70+mph
Battery 6-cell NiMH 7-cell NiMH 3s 20c lipo 3s 20c lipo
Voltage 7.2V 8.4V 11.1V 11.1v
Capacity 3000+mAh 4000+mAh 4000+mAh 8000+mAh

According this form, we can know 4000 mAh 3s 20c lipo battery and 8000mAh 3s 20c lipo battery can offer the faster speed, lipo battery can offer high discharge, high capacity can offer long running time and high speed; so we can Come to the conclusion: 3s lipo battery is better than 6-cell NiMh battery, lipo battery is battery than NiMH battery, high capacity better than low capacity, high voltage better than low high voltage. So the rustler VXL need 3s lipo battery.

Where can I buy a Rustler VXL battery?

If you want buy a 3s lipo battery for your Rustler VXL, you have many ways to do it, you can go to the battery store to buy it, but there is a problem, battery store not like other industries, the nearest store to you may very far, so you should take more time to buy it; if you think it is very trouble, you can buy them on online shop, they are easy and more choose. I recommend some online shops: Gens ace & Tattu(I also buy battery from here, and their lipo battery is the best which I have used), Traxxas, Maxamps, Commense and SMC.

Whats the best Rustler VXL battery?

Gens ace 4000mAh 11.1V 25C 3S1P Lipo Battery

I have used many kind lipo batteries for Rustler VXL, like Traxxas, Maxamps , Gens ace & Tattu. My first battery is traxxas because I bought my Rustler VXL form Traxxas, but I haven’t used it too long time, I  found my car’s running time get short and speed get slowly, so I decide to change a new battery, but Maxamps is badder than Traxxas batteries, so I bought a Gens ace & Tattu lipo battery, it is better than those two battery, but not too obviously, I bought a Gens ace 4000mAh 3s 25c lipo battery, its offer longer running time and its price is cheaper than those two batteries, so I like to use Gens ace battery, I think it is the best battery for Rustler VXL.

Where is the cheapest 3s lipo battery for Rustler?

Rc black Friday battery sales

Ok, the last question. Where is the cheapest 3s lipo battery. I only have used 3 kinds battery, so in my opinions, I think Gens ace & Tattu is the cheapest 3s lipo battery for Rustler, and in recent days, their official online shop is preparing RC black Friday battery sales, all the goods are on sales, so if you want to buy the cheapest 3s lipo battery, you can go and buy on Gens ace & Tattu official online shop on black Friday.

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