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Blind Graphene Battery Test of 3 Brand Batteries

Tattu R-line 1300mah 4s 95C 164g

There has been a lot of talk about which graphene battery is the best. People like Joshua Bardwell turn to hard data to see what battery is best, but I think that there is more to a battery than how it discharges at a constant rate. Chuybacca and I conducted a blind test comparing 3 hot graphene batteries to see which one performed best in flight- the banggood infinity 1500mah, the Turnigy 1300mah graphene, and the Tattu R-line. We picked the infinity 1500mah and not the 1300 version because the weight of the 1500 was closer to the other two batteries we tested.

The Batteries:

Banggood Infinity 1500mah 4s 70C, 168g;

Turnigy Graphene 1300mah 4s 65C, 176g;

Tattu R-line 1300mah 4s 95C, 164g;

The Method: To be completely random and introduce no bias into the order in which batteries were flown, I arranged the batteries in a random row of three and had Chuybacca pick a number 1-9. Numbers 1-3 picked the first battery and so on. After flying the first battery, Chuybacca would pick a number 1-10 which decided the second battery. Chuybacca did the same thing for me.

The Course: The course we flew was a fairly large track. 3 fast laps discharged my 1300mah graphene batteries to just under storage charge. We both pushed these packs to their max when flying. With the exception of one 180 degree turn per lap, we were above 60% throttle the whole time. There were two straightaways that called for 100% throttle runs. In short, we were not nice to the batteries! Since the course did not have many technical turns, it was hard to judge the weight of each battery. Weight is important to keep in mind because the Tattu R-line is a whopping 12g lighter than the Turnigy graphene.

The next two sections are Chuy and I’s personal review of each battery right after we flew them. I won’t tell you which battery is which just so you can have some fun guessing!

Battery Testing- Chris M3

Battery 1: I felt that this battery had the best raw power delivery out of all three packs. There was a bit of voltage sag in my third and final lap, but compared to the other two batteries it still had the best power delivery.

Battery 2: This battery was simply not as good as the other two. It didn’t have nearly as much punch and we could actually hear the motors have lower rpms during 100% throttle straight aways. This battery also had the most sag during the third lap.

Battery 3: This battery had maybe a few percent less maximum power delivery throughout the whole flight than battery 1, but had the least decrease in punch during the third lap of all three batteries. It delivered power consistently and predictably.

Based on the course, I would rank the batteries from best to worst battery 1, battery 3, then battery 2.

Ready to find out which battery is which?

  • Battery 1: Turnigy
  • Battery 2: Infinity
  • Battery 3: Tattu

It is important to note however, that the course did not allow us to feel how the weight of each battery affected performance. In a smaller, technical course, I would rather fly the Tattu R-line over the Turnigy Graphene because it simply weighs 12g less and the extra bit of power from the turnigy would not be too useful.

Battery Testing- Chuy

Battery 1: Infinity

As I flew it, I felt the it had decent punch but not as good as some of the other graphenes I owned.  To me the voltage held on consistently and I thought it was a good battery.

Battery 2: Tattu

As I flew it, I felt it was better than the 1st battery (Infinity).  It held the voltage really well and the punch felt the best of all 3 batteries I had tried.  Overall, I liked the R-Line batteries the best of the 3.

Battery 3: Turnigy

As I flew it, I did feel it’s weight and that’s how I guessed it was the Turnigy off the batt correctly.  But I was surprised that I couldn’t get the punch that I experience when I use my Turnigies.  I also felt that the voltage went down much quicker than the other 2 batteries I blind tested.  Chris and I used the same Tattu and Infinity battery but the Turnigy I had 2 of them so he used 1 and I used the other.  After the test, I checked the internal resistance to find that the one I used was about 25 to 30% higher IR than the battery Chris used.  This would explain the issue and a retest will be needed.

I rank the batteries from best to worst battery 2, battery 1, then battery 3.


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