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Battery charger recommend and battery charge rules


This is a guide to help you choose a right battery charger and how to charge you battery in a right way. So this article have two parts, one is choose a battery charger, the other is know the battery charge rules. Buy a good battery charger is a good idea because you will use it often, and a good battery charger will take more benefits for your batteries. So next I will give you some charger recommends.

Best Battery charger

For the best charger we suggest the imax B6 mini charger. This battery charger is the best charger I have used, if you think this is not good for you or you have your useful charger, you can pass this parts.

iMax B6 mini charger is the small and upgraded version . It is has smaller size, bigger power. Compared with B6, the power and charge current are 20% up. imax B6 mini charger is a high-performance, micro processor control charge/discharge station with battery management suitable for use with all current battery types, with integral equalizer for six-cell Lithium- Polymer (LiPo), Lithium-Ferrum (LiFe) and Lithium-Ion (LiIon) batteries, maximum 6A charge current and maximum 60W charge power.

Here are a few suggestions that you can consider depending on your needs. At unmanned tech we have tested several chargers from various manufacturers and feel that this one is the best when you consider performance, usability and price.

Ultimate Battery charger


The iMax B6 mini1.0k is our favorite charger and is the only charger you will ever really need as it is able to support all the main LiPo batteries from 2S lipo to 6S lipo. The other great thing about the B6 mini is its compact size so it does not take up much room at all in your toolbox. Using a more advanced charger like this ones gives you extra features that include the ability to discharge your lipo to storage mode and it also has the ability to charge other types of batteries too. However the two features that make this unit stand out from the rest is the options to add a wifi module so you set and monitor your charge from your smartphone via wifi. A temperature sensor can be attached to your battery for added safety so that your charger will stop charging if your battery gets too hot.

Everyday basic Battery charger


If you are looking for something cheap and basic to get the job done the SkyRC E3548 is our recommendation. It is priced to be very affordable but unlike some of the cheaper alternatives you dont have to worry about it incorrectly charging your lipos. I personally enjoy using these chargers as you dont need to set anything up, just plug in your balance lead and it will start charging. No need to specify the cell count, charge rate or set any other functions. The E3 charger can charge 2S, or 3S lipo batteries but if you want the ability to also charge up to 4S batteries you can also consider the SkyRC E4 charger299. You will hardly ever come across higher cell count lipos unless fling more professional level drones so the E4 will undoubtedly be perfect for hobby level flying.

Here is Some Tips for buy a charger.

Battery charging rules

This is a very important part, because a good charger just a too, but you must know how to use the tool.

1.Never charge your battery unattended – from time to time check to see if your battery is getting warm to the touch or starts to sewll, if so stop charging immediately and contact an expert immediately (like someone on dronetrest) before using the battery again.

2.Never charge a damaged battery – dont charge if it is swollen (puffy) or has any other visible signs of damage

3.Always charge your battery at 1C or less – many chargers allow you to set a charging rate, although most batteries can support up to 5C charge rates (which makes charging your battery much faster). Its always best to charge at 1C or less as this means the chemicals inside your battery will gain energy slower which keeps them more stable and ultimately means your battery will have a much longer life in terms of charge/discharge cycles.

4.Try to charge your batteries in a fireproof location, or in a lipo safe bag. – this just adds an extra layer of protection

5.Ensure the number of cells and battery type are set correctly on your charger to match the cell count in your battery. – this is only applicable for more advanced chargers.


Choosing a good battery charger and allow the charge rules to charge your battery is a good way to care about your lipo battery, especial for rc lovers, battery is very useful to you.



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