A New Mini-UAV Yuneec Breeze

YUNEEC launched a mini-UAV Breeze, Featuring breathtaking 4K Ultra High Definition and ultra-clear 13 megapixel stills, Breeze is just as capable as drones twice its size. Enjoy a live 720 HD live stream of your flight on your smart device; 4S 1150mAh lipo battery keep Breeze flight 12 mins.

Breeze’ take off weight is 385g, dimensions is 196*196*65 mm, it is easy to carry. According to the Yuneec technicians introduced: considering the safety and applicability, Breeze does not use folding design.

Breeze used 4s lipo battery, it can power more than 12 mins flight time, the Maximum climbing speed is 1m/s, and the Maximum climbing speed is 5 m/s.


When flying your Breeze you can choose from one of the 5 automated flight modes; Pilot, Selfie, Orbit, Journey, and VisionTrack. Breeze used APP to control, Android, IOS version are supported, supports up to 80 meters, as far as 100 m remote control, support mobile phone operations.



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