• The RC Car Types


    There are about RC 5 car types. I am not going to explain too much about each since they seem rather straightforward.


    These are your average street cars. They are the fastest and the best on paved, flat surfaces. Do not get this if you are looking to drive in your backyard or want something with more power. [Read More…]

  • My Stampede 4×4 vxl

    Stampede 4x4 vxl

    I also want to have a nitro stampede, but one time after watching a ton of vids on youtube, I decided to get a stampede 4×4 vxl. I have few experience on electrics, so I watch many videos and read many books to learn about electrics.

    I have the following in the mail to me now: [Read More…]

  • UAV Building

    UAV build

    This is a UAV Build experience shares, I wrote some quadcopter build articles, but it is a mini quad, not like this UAV, this is a S500 UAV build.  Its actually a rebuild of a Kickstarter project (Fourbot) that I backed a few years ago. I ended up with a bunch of cheap components, no build instructions and very little support from the project creator. With a lot of googling and help from other backers I got it built and in the air but [Read More…]

  • The Factory of Gens Ace & Tattu battery

    Grepow Battery manufacturer

    The Grepow company, it’s the the parent company of Gens Ace & Tattu Lipo battery. I think most rc fans are all know Gens Ace and Tattu, you may few know Grepow. Today, I am bringing you to Grepow, one of the best manufacturers of lithium polymer batteries. I am visiting Grepow’s factory as a customer. [Read More…]

  • How to save a 7s battery with one dead cell?

    How to save a 7s battery with one dead cell

    This article is mainly tell you how to save your Lipo battery with one dead cell.

    Lipo batteries are also used for RC cars or drones, and it is very popular in some RC car or FPV races. High voltage battery can offer high speed for your rc cars or drones, but what to do to a 7s pack with one dead cell? [Read More…]

  • RoboCat 270 Racing Drone Build

    RoboCat 270 Build

    Hi dear RC Fans, I’d like to share the experience of racing drone RoboCat 270 build. In this post i will adding the 3D printable improvements that go specifically designed for this model all ready Done:

    3d Power PCB Support model

    Need to  improvements:
    [Read More…]

  • Build or Buy a quad?

    Build or Buy a quad

    I think most newbie to drone will face one question, should you build or buy your first quad? The question has came up a lot.
    Build or Buy? Let’s break it down into the basics…………
    Before you attempt to span the void between “DIY or Ready-To-Fly?”, you should buy your first quad and it should be a small, ready to fly quadcopter that you can use to fly around your apartment, living room, history class, back yard, etc. just to learn the basics of control. Take it out the box, charge it up and start flying the same day you brought it home. Do this before flying anything that is larger, more expensive, took a lot of time to build, etc. but please note: don’t attempt to fly in your history class!
    [Read More…]

  • WarLark 80 Micro FPV Quad

    WarLark 80 Micro FPV Quad

    When I get the Warlark and opened it, there were no instructions or documentations of any kind. It came with four extra props, a charging cable and one 300mAh battery. I think if you buy one Warlark, yours will the same to mine, so I recommend you can collect this article if you want to buy a Warlark, this article will introduce your more about Warlark. [Read More…]

  • DIY: Rotorx Atom V3 Build

    Rotorx Atom V3 Build

    About Rotorx Atom V3

    RotorX Atom V3 is a 122mm Mini Quadcopter and weights less than 250 grams, small size and light weight; You can put it on your hand, but don’t be fooled! The Atom accelerates faster than a FORMULA 1 Car allowing you to enjoy FPV Racing without all the stress maximum agility, enjoyment and no limitations! No FAA registration needed. [Read More…]

  • Mini drone Lipo battery: Tattu 550mAh 3.7V

    Tattu 550mAh 3.7V Lipo

    Hey guys, today I will share a mini drone Lipo battery for you , its name is Tattu plus 550mAh 3.7V Lipo battery, we can get that this battery is a low capacity and voltage lipo battery from its name, and it is produced by Tattu. I have wrote many articles about Tattu battery, I think most people know much about Tattu, but here I will still introduce Tattu battery again. [Read More…]