• Guides of RC Heli and Drone for Beginners

    Guides of RC Heli and Drone for Beginners

    RC Helicopter and drone have became more and more popular, either men or woman, adults or children are all like this hobby. And in recent years, more and more people joined RC drone hobby, so there are many beginners of RC drone. At the beginning time, they didn’t know how to use and care about their RC Helis or drones, so they have many troubles, and their machines were meeting troubles, some serious drones are died. But as time goes by, they had a cruel lesson, they are grow up. But there are still many beginners, they need guides, here I will share some tips about RC Heli and drone for beginners.   [Read More…]

  • Tips about FPV and Mini Quad Racing

    Tips about FPV and Mini Quad Racing

    Either FPV drones or mini quads, they are all most popular in racing, when the weekends or holidays, you and your partners can get together and have a FPV racing. About FPV racing, there are some tips you must to know begin a FPV race

    Race Types and Places

    Race place can take place anywhere: like warehouse, parking lot, in the forest, or simply on an open field with obstacles. Just like any other types of racing, the goal is to go through the course without crashing. [Read More…]

  • 7 FPV Flight Exercises before you start

    7 FPV Flight Exercises before you start

    This article is wrote for FPV quad beginners, if you are a rich experience Flier, you can share your experience to beginners on this blog. I collect many tips about FPV flying and share them to FPV beginners.

    When we plan to have a FPV flying, there are some preparations are necessary to do before we start. For the following exercises, it’s best to have your FPV camera facing straight ahead if you are a beginner (no camera tilting). Some more advanced fliers tilt their cameras up so they can see the horizon when flying fast. [Read More…]

  • Things you should know before flying FPV

    flying FPV drone

    These are some tips for FPV beginners, maybe fly FPV drone is a very interesting things, but before you have a flight, you’d better spend some time to know these knowledge, it is very important for your fling. [Read More…]

  • Preparing a quad for drone racing

    quad for drone racing

    When a pilot want to join a drone racing, the first step he need to preparing a racing FPV drone. Many people asked me: how much does it will be cost to build or buy one FPV drone? About this question, I just want to say that you will get as much as you pay. Just like anything else, it largely depends on your choice of components. Just to give you a rough idea, a FPV racing drone (mini quad) can cost somewhere between $150 to $500 or more. That is just the quadcopter itself and does not include any accessories such as spare batteries, FPV Goggles, Radio Transmitter, building tools etc. Basic accessories can cost you another $150 to $500. So you can probably spend as little as $300 to get started, but expect more than that if you are seriously hooked. [Read More…]

  • Tattu with X-Class FPV Drone Race in 2017 Season

    Tattu Rline lipo battery

    The X-Class FPV Drone Race will on Saturday, February 4, 2017, between 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Please remember the time and join us with your team.

    Address: Livermore Flying Electrons, 4455 Raymond Road, Livermore, CA (map) [Read More…]

  • Learning how to fly a drone

    Wingsland S6

    The drone has became more and more popular, and many people are interesting in flying drones, but for these newbies of drone, they don’t know how to fly a drone, they need some help or guide on fling drones. There are 3 ways to learn how to fly a drone and you can choose one for yourself. The 3 common ways are: [Read More…]

  • History of FPV drone Racing

    FPV racing

    Now there are more and more racing on the world, and drone racing is quickly becoming a popular sport around the world, you can’t miss it if you are into flying multirotors or FPV. About drone racing, it is mainly talking about FPV drone racing. It doesn’t matter if you are piloting or just watching the race, anyone who takes it seriously doesn’t look at the drone from a distance, but instead they put on video goggles or use monitors to watch from the aircraft’s perspective. [Read More…]

  • Tattu 2700mAh 3S lipo battery for DJI Phantom 1

    DJI Phantom 1 lipo battery

    Tattu 2700mAh 3S 25C lipo battery(short title: 2700mAh 3S) is produced by the famous RC Battery manufacturer Gens Ace & Tattu, it is designed for DJI Phantom 1 in the beginning. However now DJI Phantom 1 has discontinued, and many people who has Phantom 1 are hard to find a lipo battery for their Phantom 1 quadcopters, but they can buy DJI Phantom 1 lipo battery on GensTattu.com, the Tattu 2700mAh 3S still on sale. [Read More…]

  • The ERSA Euro Cup 2016

    [Read More…]